Recently we wanted to find out which is the best programming blog in the world. We did a survey and found out that programmers love blog. was started a decade ago,in 2007,and it’s Peter Krumin’s blog about programming, hacking, software development and code reuse, software ideas, computer security, browserling, google and technology.

About the creator

Peter Krumins is the creator of He’s currently operating a cross-browser testing company called Browserling in the Bay Area. He’s also a mentor and Hacker in Residence at Hackers and Founders and H/F Co-Op, the world’s largest start-up network and a Silicon Valley start-up incubator. He’sa technical advisor at June, a company that redefines recruiting and the chief technology advisor at NHS. That’s not the end of it. He’s a published author with No Starch Press and also a self-published author with three books and another three in the works.

This man overall has almost 20 years of experience in the programming arena, and has worked in 7 different companies.

By the time Peter graduated out of high school, he was already endowed with enough real-world experience working as a Perl and PHP developer, as a Linux sysadmin at an ISP, and as C and C++ programmer at an embedded systems company. The man taught himself how to hack into anywhere and this has given him really eccentric computing skills.

About his Blog is considered to be the best programming blog in the world. He started this blog in 2007 and created Reddit Media, DiggPics and PicURLs. He did these projects using two great approaches to software development.

One of them is “the hacker’s approach” which basically means you just create cool stuff quickly that works by using anything you have available. And if something doesn’t work you just get it working asap without getting into much details why it didn’t work. Once tools get popularity you can get back to improving code quality. Speed is everything.

The other approach is “good coders code, great coders reuse”. This approach is similar to “the hacker’s approach” but it does not require that you create your software quickly and dirty. It just means you reuse existing libraries and spend little effort writing stuff that has already been written. Software reuse. There are so many libraries and code available on github, source forget, and fresh meat, and many other sites that most of all the solutions to problems like hash tables, linked lists, converting images, audio processing are there, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What he writes about

If you want to learn from someone who’s a multi-skilled, world-class hacker who can get anything done, you have come to the right blog! He writes about a wide variety of things on his blog. His articles are very elaborate and very technical. He knows how software works and in very fine detail and in his articles he’s focusing on these topics:

  • Linux systems programming
  • Linux networking and firewalls
  • Linux shell
  • Debugging
  • Windows apps and win32 API
  • Web apps
  • Web crawling
  • js
  • Startup, blogging and SEOadvices
  • Cloud services
  • Penetration testing
  • Algorithm design
  • Mathematics and computer puzzles

Peter’s articles are pretty mind blowing as he combines these topics together. This is by far the most technical programming blog we’ve ever seen. Check it out!

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