After a pretty sleepy post-Christmas January it’s business as usual with some great games being released so far for both iPhone and Android platforms. However as ever there’s always something new for everyone! In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the best new gaming apps coming out for both platforms this month. Expect a good mix of action, adventure, puzzle and of course casino games for real money play! Just to note all of the games listed are available in both iPhone and Android modes.

Top Eleven (sports)

So many app developers have tried yet failed to create a really high quality soccer management game. The good news is that Top Eleven looks set to become a quality rival to the classic Football Manager format, and uses the processing and graphics power of recent smartphones to deliver excellent performance. Early reviews for the game have been overwhelmingly positive, so if soccer’s your thing then be sure to check this out.

Royal Vegas Online Casino (slots)

Never mind that the app has been out for years, these guys are constantly enhancing their portfolio of the best slot games to be found anywhere. It’s exciting times for portable slots gaming – and don’t forget that all of the games, be it slots or table, can also be enjoyed in ‘free play’ with a virtual bankroll. Brilliant fun and a super way of checking out how far these casino games have come in recent years.

Trivia Crack (quiz)

Apologies to US readers – there’s already 100 million of you playing this social quiz! But it earns a mention this month due to it’s release in the UK. It’s a quality example of how a simple format which everyone is so familiar with can become staggeringly popular! Play against friends, family or complete strangers to earn simple bragging rights – what’s not to like.

Flockers (live strategy)

Many readers will likely remember the classic game ‘Lemmings’ where the player had to guide a horde of seemingly suicidal Lems through to safety. This is a very similar principle but instead we’re using sheep, it’s down to the player to shepherd them through a treacherous landscape. Beautifully presented and really good, old fashioned addictive fun.

Dragon Quest V (adventure)

Finally this classic, vast and immersive swords and sorcery rpg has been formatted for mobile. Sure it may be at the pricier scale of what people usually pay for gaming apps, but this game will ensure potentially hundreds of hours of play time. One to definitely play when near a charging point as the hours will slip by very, very fast indeed.

Adventure Time: Game Wizard (creative/adventure)

Yet another example of the creativity that can go into a really imaginative game. Players use the straightforward level creation tool to devise a semi-platform based game – or alternatively share those that have been created by others. It’s a Cartoon Network tie-in and players can keep gradually building up their character over time, earning points for each level they complete. Great option for the kids.

Pirate Kings (adventure/strategy)

For some reason there’s never been a shortage of good pirate based games on mobile platforms. Regardless this is a welcome addition and has so far proven a massive success in the territories where it has already been released. It’s a classic swashbuckling adventure that allows the player to follow various quests of their choosing, as well as create their own brand of havoc on the high seas.

So as we’ve seen there’s a quality mix of new gaming releases this month – get out and give them a try!

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