The way technology has been able to transform how day to day business is conducted cannot be put to words. With mobile technology now on another level, people’s expectations keep on escalating. People continue to expect more even as the manufacturers continue to live up to their expectations.

Over the years, the number of applications on iTunes has been drastically increasing. Besides the numbers, the variety of these applications has also been changing. Investment apps are a perfect example of this kind of change. With the increased numbers of investment applications on iTunes, it’s now possible to keep track of all your financial dealings and the entire economy large. The best part about these applications is that they are also available on your smartphone meaning that you can go with them anywhere. In essence, these apps give you full control of your investment.

With the different varieties available, it all boils down to which one serves you best and how much you are willing to pay for one. The list below is made up of some of the best investment applications that are currently available on iTunes and the best part about these apps is that they are all available for free.

a) Bloomberg


If you are looking for a one stop app for all your updates on stocks, commodities, currencies and bonds all around the world, this should be your application. The application has trackers for the information and goes ahead to provide you with any breaking or news making headlines from the Bloomberg’s network. Bloomberg has a very easy and interactive interface which presents the information in an eye-catching display.

b) Anyoption

any option

This free binary option trading application was developed by Anyoption Payment Services Limited and is available for download on iTunes for free. The app allows you to follow market trends, trade binary options and make money straight from your smartphone. The application is currently available on version 1.4 as its latest version. The current version which was released on 30th Sep 2013 has an update that fixes the compatibility problem that was present on iOS 7. For the application to work, it requires iOS 4.3 and the latter version. Don’t have an iPhone? Worry not as the app is also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.

c) Motif



This app is perfect for that ordinary guy who is not a financial expert but still wants to do some investing. As opposed to the experts who are well aware of the market trends and the different investing strategies, an ordinary guy needs some support and guidance so as they can understand the market. This application does that perfectly. Motif presents the user with different safe environments where they get to test their investment strategies and see the outcome. With its themed portfolios, the app can vividly illustrate the ups and downs of every niche market you wish to venture in and give you valuable investing lessons about the same.

d) SigFig 



Unlike many of the investment apps that just offer checking, storing and update services about your investment data SigFig takes it a notch up high. The application goes a step further to provide you with information about the hidden fees in your portfolio. Besides the hidden fees, the app also identifies any kinds of overcharges and any form of underperforming funds. In essence, the app is specifically designed to check any kinds of problems that may go unnoticed in normal cases. After identifying the problems, the app then provides you with suggestions to help you optimize your gains.

e) MarketMinder


As a creation of Fisher Investments, you know what to expect from this app. MarketMinder was designed in order to provide users with only the right information relating to all the latest market trends.  The app is based on precision and only provides what is needed as they understand that sometimes too much information leads to confusion. In case you are looking for clear cut and insightful commentary about the market trends then this should be your app.

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