There is an app to cover just about everything, regardless of which mobile device you use. Therefore it will come as no surprise that sports fans have a wealth of top apps to choose from. Here is a selection of some of the best productions which you should consider downloading.

1) Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

If you want to delve in a little further than just the latest scores though, then check out Sky Sports’ excellent app, available on iPhone and Android. For each and every game in play, you can access team line-ups and match statistics at the click of a button. There is also live text commentary on all featured games, giving you a real feel of the action.

2) Live Score Addicts

Live Score Addicts

This is an app which does exactly what it says and does it brilliantly. If you want to know any football score in real time, you will not find a more reliable and efficient service than Live Score Addicts. It covers most leagues across the world, so whether you are keeping on top of the World Cup top scorer odds or need to find out the scores in the lower reaches of the Norwegian league, this is an app which keeps you bang up to date.

3) FIFA 14

FIFA 14  App

The release of the FIFA games has been an annual highlight for football fans across the globe, as it is considered by many to be the best football game on the planet. This year, for the first time, FIFA fans can download the game to iPhone and Android, allowing you to enjoy all the action wherever you are. Players will find the usual exhaustive selection of teams, players and features. However, the app itself may cause your phone to slow down very slightly as it is quite a significant user of resources and data.

4) The Score

The Score

This is one for US sports fans, especially the stats junkies. There is no better way to find out not only the latest score, but the up to date statistics and even breaking news as it happens. Impressively, there is also a play-by-play breakdown of matches. The Score also provides a veritable bank of statistics and data to which users can refer. In addition, all features are very easy to share via social media.

5) Team Stream


What if your real interest and focus is one specific team? Well, Team Stream is the answer. This is basically a news aggregator for your favourite team thanks to the excellent Bleacher Report. Basically, when any item on your team appears in the media, web, blogs or elsewhere, Team Stream will cover it. It is pretty much a one stop shop for staying completely up to date with your favourite team.

6) ESPN Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a big deal and if you want to stay on top of all the fantasy action, then this is the app for you. Perhaps you want to make a last-minute change to your team? No problem with ESPN Fantasy Football. You can also take part in live drafts and chat to other managers in your league. In addition, you will find analysis from fantasy football experts. It’s difficult to think of anything that a fantasy football player could want that can’t be found on this app.

7) Official F1 App

Official F1 App

Formula 1 is the biggest motorsport out there and this is frankly the best app covering the sport. Whether it’s live leader boards, live commentary or news, this is where to find it. It’s a brilliant resource for all things F1. There is also a Premium Season Pass available which includes enhanced features such as live lap times during races.

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