Trading is becoming more and more accessible. At first, it started with online sites offering trading options on forex, binary options, and stocks. However, trading sites realized that smartphones and tablets are the communication, work, and lifestyle devices of the future. From online sites, trading platforms expanded into the mobile universe. Many of these apps can now be found for download to the most popular mobile device operating systems.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best Android trading apps:

anyoption Trading App


The anyoption trading app allows you to choose an asset to trade on. It can be foreign exchange (forex), stocks and stock indices, or commodities. You can first study the graphs of market trends they provide, to see if your asset is more likely to fall or rise in price. In addition, the social trading feature lets you read tips and suggestions from other traders using the app. All the information you need for a careful decision is at your fingertips.

After choosing your asset, pick your investment amount from a list, adjust your profit percentage (if correct) and the return on capital (if incorrect). Then “Call” (predict upward movement) or “Put” (predict downward movement) the trend. It is quick and simple to use, and easy to trade with. Most importantly, it is registered as a binary options platform with different financial authorities, which makes it a trustworthy place to trade.

MetaTrader 4 Trading App


For trading on the foreign exchange market, the MetaTrader 4 is the best Android trading app. You can start with an anonymous account and study the 1000+ brokers on the site. This way, you can observe the market trends and the way the brokers handle the transactions. When you are ready, create a registered account and connect to the brokers to trade.

You will have full access to over 30 forex market trackers, and you can follow and study the trends before making a single transaction. Afterwards, simply choose 1 or more forex pairs, and begin trading. Your personal account will tell you the initial deposit, the profit you have made so far, and your current balance.

World Stock Market Trading App


Possibly the most versatile of alternative investments, stock trading is something you constantly need updates on. The worth of your stock can fluctuate several times in a single day. In the worst-case scenario, it can plummet faster than you can normally find out about it. The World Stock Market trading app saves you from missing out a profit or encountering a loss.

It brings you news and market trends from stock exchanges all over the world. You can see the stock options per country or region. Place the stocks you are interested in on your watchlist, and browse through the market news easily. You can enter any stock exchange profile to study their stock trends at the moment and easily search the companies whose stocks you want to trade on. This app makes it easier for you to make informed decisions on stock trading.

Trading Apps: The Future of Everyday Trading

Mobile device operating systems such as Android have now made it easy to trade or research on market trends no matter where you are, as long as you have a mobile device. These 3 best Android trading apps are certain to simplify the experience and put alternative investments at even more fingertips than before.

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