A service that offers the best mobile analytics will indicate the number of individuals who use an app every day, the average duration of each session, the geographical region of a user and the features that customers commonly utilize. Furthermore, the system should allow you to record sessions that feature a certain event, and the analytics will rapidly determine whether or not a screen has a broken link or an unusable feature.

The Information of Every User

The best analytics app SDK can generally show the name of each customer’s mobile device, and in addition, the system will determine the browser that an individual is utilizing. If an application allows users to create profiles, the programmer will be able to evaluate the percentage of customers who have certain interests and the number of individuals who added particular terms to their profiles.

Obtaining Additional Customers


Generally, the best mobile app analytics will show a list of sources that are providing a large number of new users. Programmers will also be capable of determining the sources that are attracting especially loyal patrons who use the app every day.

Completing Registration

High-quality tools can determine the points at which potential customers are leaving the page that allows them to register. Additionally, the system will calculate the percentage of users who have abandoned the screen.

The Effectiveness of All Types of Advertisements

A company that provides statistics can create a list of ads that are receiving a large number of clicks, and the mobile analytics SDK will evaluate the percentage of users who are accessing every advertisement. Moreover, the statistics can indicate the parts of the screen that individuals most frequently click.

Social Media Marketing

Some mobile analytics will create a list of users who have shared information about the app on the social media networks. Consequently, the programmer can rapidly analyze the descriptive terms in a post that focuses on the developer’s application.

Evaluating the Impact of Games

By utilizing mobile analytics SDK, you will be able to determine the games that customers commonly play, and you can evaluate the duration of each session. Furthermore, the analytics will indicate whether or not users are more likely to make purchases immediately after they have played a certain game.

The Application’s Conversion Rates


Established in 2012, Appsee offers many types of statistics, and the company’s solution will calculate the percentage of individuals who complete certain tasks, such as creating a new profile, playing a game, downloading an affiliated app and using a particular feature. If an application is able to sell products and services, the solution can also indicate which screens are generating a large amount of orders.

Viewing User Recordings

You will be able to analyze comprehensive recordings of a user’s actions during each session. You may choose to only track the actions of individuals who utilize particular screens, or you can opt to record how new users interact with your application.

Documenting Crashes

Some tools have the ability to automatically detect crashes, and instead of analyzing each user’s extensive record, a developer can view a list of the points at which the software program failed. The programmer will also be able to see a record of actions that a customer completed immediately before the app crashed, and the tools may analyze the times of each day at which the application most commonly fails.

The Impact

A system that provides analytics will not affect the usability of the application. According to numerous analyses, the services will never impact the speed of the software program.

Selling Products and Services


The best mobile analytics app SDK will calculate the number of orders that an app has produced, the percentage of users who have made purchases, the average price of each order and the types of products that customers commonly buy. Additionally, developers can evaluate detailed charts that indicate the times of each day during which an especially large number of sales are made.

Analyzing Clicks and Movements


The system can develop a detailed map that indicates the sections of every screen that users most commonly click. The programmer may also view a list of buttons that are rarely used, and the designer will be able to find regular images that appear to be buttons.

Retaining Users

By utilizing tools that generate statistics, you will be able to determine the number of sessions of each customer during a certain time period. The company’s system lets programmers analyze the average amount of time between an individual’s sessions and the number of returning customers who use the software program during any time period.
Controlling the Analytics

Developers can remotely configure a system, and programmers may select the types of sessions that are being analyzed and the events that are evaluated. Marketers can choose to only track the actions of users who are situated in a certain country, or developers may opt to evaluate customers who are within a certain age group.

Learning More Information

You can read comprehensive analyses that provide information about statistics, and you may view a guide that describes how the top SDKs have helped companies in all niches. Moreover, you should check out a comprehensive report that describes how a trusted business increased the number of orders that one application generated by more than 200 percent.

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