As our lives get busier, and we seem to have less time to fit everything in, technology has advanced to help us organise ourselves better. From our shopping to our online dating, everything is at our fingertips. Gone are the days where you need to spend your evenings and weekend frequenting bars to find a date or driving to the shops, finding a parking space and battling your way through queues just to do your shopping. Everything we need is now in the palm of our hands.

We live our lives online. Smartphones have made this process even more efficient and now, pretty much everything we need, is at the touch of a screen. While mobile friendly websites have made things so much easier, it’s the apps that are the bigger time savers, especially when it comes to staying in touch with friends, family, sharing your selfies and communicating in general. This is especially handy when it comes to online dating. Let’s take a look at why using an app for online dating is such a benefit.

Never miss a notification

This is almost certainly the biggest benefit to an online dating app. If you use a dating website through Safari or Chrome, you will find yourself constantly having to check in to see if you have any messages. With an app, the tiny round number in top of the app icon will inform you that you have notifications. In addition to that you can set up your notifications to show you your updates as they occur. All you need to do is swipe and reply. This is a real benefit if you are enjoying online chat with someone that you are getting to know better. It makes it much easier to keep up with the conversation rather than having to check each time to see if you have new messages.

You can make your settings private

Just as you want to know when you have a message, there are also times when you want those messages to stay private. While you may enjoy flirting and texting that local girl, or guy, that you met online, you may not want your messages flashing up when you are at your parent’s house having dinner. If you are at work you probably don’t want to be distracted by pings or buzzes, especially if you use your phone for work purposes. This is when you can simply go to your app settings and switch the notifications off. Some phone settings will allow you to specify if you want to see your messages as a temporary banner, a persistent banner and allow you to choose how your previews are shown.

Easy to navigate

Apps are built with efficiency in mind and to deliver a more personalised experience. Now if you are enjoying chatting with a potential date online, you want it to be quick and easy to reply. If you look at a mobile enhanced website you will see that there are many pages and that you have to navigate your way around to find what you want. An app has a much more intuitive layout which means that there is less content to browse and requires fewer clicks. The experience feels much more personal and user friendly.

Stay logged in

If you use a dating website you will find that after a time it logs you out for security purposes. You may go to bed logged in, but when you wake up and refresh the page you are asked for your login details. Now those of you that are familiar with online messenger apps will know that you don’t have to put your log in details in once you have downloaded the app. This makes your online dating experience consistent and far less frustrating. You can simply click on the app and resume where you left off.

If you want your online dating process to be personal, easy and enjoy an online chat that flows then a dating app should definitely be considered. Never miss a message or notification and keep up to date with your conversations. It’s so easy to download and will make your dating experience much more enjoyable. So no matter if you are reading this on the screen of your laptop or the screen of your smart device go to dating site or download their app and start your journey of searching for love!

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