The Apple ecosystem is magnificent, in that it is completely closed, but all the Apple services are interwoven. A mesh of Apple services that all work together to make your life easier. One of these services are iTunes – the software that is treated as a sin if it’s on Windows but as a necessity if it’s on OS X. While iTunes is not a bad software – as long as you are on OS X – it’s not exactly the most flexible one either.

But sometimes you require something a tiny bit more efficient, something that can help you do what you want without any restrictions and an interface that supports this unrestricted behaviour – that the last one is important because the iTunes interface isn’t exactly the best for freedom. Apple gives you limited choices, and allows you to do only certain things that they deem fit.

That’s where Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro comes in – to make your iOS device more accessible, and easier to manage, with fewer restrictions. And before you say it – yes it is available for both Windows and OS X.

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Tenorshare gives you some incredible features that you didn’t even realise you needed. All you have to do is install it, then plug in your iOS device and voila it detects your device – just like iTunes. What’s not like iTunes is the simple and much cleaner interface that presents you with a summary of your device.

What sort of features are we talking about?

Below is the summary of the six categories of features that Tenorshare comes with. A File Manager, a clean up tool to wipe your cache files, a backup and restore tool just in case you need it, a tool remove advertisements from specific apps on your device, and finally two more options that let you repair your iOS install if something ever goes bad. It’s always good to have an option for restoring your devices.

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Of all those features, you are probably most interested in the File Manager and rightly so – the one in iTunes is abysmal. With one click, you can browse through all of your contacts, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks and apps; you can also have a look at the calendar and a list of all the apps on your device here.

For photos, Tenorshare blows iTunes out of the water, something as simple as deleting photos in bulk is a nightmare on iTunes while Tenorshare lets you do it all in a single click. You can even add photos to your device, not just export them. On the right side, you can see a dropdown with month and year – an easy way to sort your photos. This not only gives you the flexibility of managing your photo library on your iOS device but also gives you the ability to archive your photos outside of Apple’s ecosystem – always good to have the option.

Same with the music – very easy to add, remove and export music quickly and in bulk. A backup of your whole music collection takes two clicks. You can also sort your music by artist, album, song title, etc.

The file manager is feature rich and gives you the flexibility that you could only desire from iTunes. But that’s not all Tenorshare offers.

There are some advanced features as well

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Another feature that it packs is the speed up and cleaner tool – a tool that will clean up the cache files on your iOS device and give you more space for the files that you want to have on your device rather than random temporary files.

Scanning only takes a few minutes, but once it’s done you can clean up all the temporary files the apps on your iOS device have saved up over time – every app cache, every random crash log, every little storage file that was never deleted. All gone in an instant.

The other features that Tenorshare offers are mostly for people who know what they are doing, features like iOS repairing, removing advertisements from apps, fixing random iOS bugs that haunt an average iOS user during the dark night.

At the end of it, Tenorshare fills a gap left open by iTunes. The lack of flexibility and simple features that Apple forgot to include are compensated for by Tenorshare, but at the same time it also gives you some more advanced features that an average iOS user wouldn’t think of, but might need at some point. Tenorshare is available for Windows or Mac at 29.95$, with a free trial before you decide to purchase it. Not a bad deal considering what it is capable of.

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