At the ripe old age of 37 I remember well when a telephone was just a telephone. You could use a telephone to speak to people at long distances and, well, that’s it. There were no screens or touchpads to use, just buttons or an old fashioned dial and a handset. Although some people may wonder at how we got by with telephones that offered just the one basic function, it was just fine at the time. In fact, at the time of telephones of old we would marvel at the technological world we lived in that allowed us to communicate at such massive distances.

Telephone-boothThat telephones had to be connected directly to a physical telephone line in order to work didn’t seem to bother us either. Having to walk 10 minutes to find a phone to use didn’t seem to bother us in the slightest, whereas such a thing today would be considered quite an inconvenience. Even having to plug our phones in to use when we find the batteries have run out is considered a nuisance even though it takes just a few seconds of our time. It is easy to forget the days when a telephone was nothing more than a telephone.

Passing the Time

When mobile phones began to rise in popularity and LCD screens were introduced to phones, it wasn’t long before their functionality increased. We could often spend hours playing snake on the black and white screens and before long a plethora of games were made specifically to be played on your mobile phone. Although they were basic at first, such games were great for keeping us occupied in times where we had nothing else to do.

Now that telephones have evolved to have screens that have colour and much greater detail, we are now able to do so much more with them. The games have become much more sophisticated but it doesn’t stop there. We can now even watch movies on our phones and use applications that you would expect to find on a PC. Thanks to smart phones our telephones are now more than just a way to pass the time when you are at a loose end, but a form of entertainment in itself.

A Way to Avoid Conversation

Telephones were once a way to enable conversation over long distances, now they are also a way to avoid it. If you need to get a message to somebody but you would rather not have to speak with them, you could send an SMS or email instead. This is ideal if you are busy and want to avoid getting into discussion about something, or if you need to get a message to someone that you are otherwise trying to avoid. Sometimes sending a message rather than having a discussion is preferred as it can help to avoid misunderstandings and also generates a record of what has been said.

Our phones can now handle documents so we can read whatever we need to read at any time. Thanks to the internet we can search for whatever we need and can have access to it in moments. In some cases we can even use our phones as tools to help us in our jobs, acting as an information technology resource when we are on the move.

Get Ready For Change

As useful as our phones may be to us now, it won’t be long before they are considered to be out of date technology and obsolete. Our BlackBerrys and iPhones of today are consigned to be on the scrap heap in the future as they are replaced by much improved technology. With augmented reality glasses already in development, it may not be long before our iPads and smartphones are replaced with something that wouldn’t look out of place on a Star Trek set. At some point in the future, we may well be looking back at our current technology and wonder to ourselves quite how we managed.

The telephones of the future will allow us to do so much more, and we will still be able to do what we do today such as playing poker at

Article by Lucas Conner

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