These days, technology is not only exciting and something so many of us look forward to but it is also making lives for millions of people much easier than ever before.

These days, technology is turning video games into a form of exercise, teaching our children even when we are too busy to be there and spend that quality time together and allowing us to view our homes even when we are nowhere in the vicinity.

Today, we are going to focus on a few other ways you can enjoy your home like never before. We think you are going to be surprised by what you hear. Don’t hesitate to tell us about other changes that you personally enjoy.

Transparent Televisions

If you’ve ever felt like your TV was simply in the way when it wasn’t in use, then you are not alone. So many of us have tried our best to keep our TVs up on the wall or in locations where they do not capture the attention of the entire room.

We have recently stumbled upon a new technology that we thought each of you would enjoy. Did you know there are actually televisions available that are transparent? When they are not in use, you can literally see through them.

The only parts of the television that are visible are the base and the stand. Not only does this bring less attention to the set as a whole but it also adds a little artsy flair to your bedroom. Be prepared for the people asking if you have a TV.

Now all of the hard work that you spent on the colors and design of the room isn’t going to feel as though it was wasted.

Complete Room Controls

Do you ever feel stressed when you are walking through your home? Especially if you have children, you may feel as though you are running around like a chicken with their head cut off to keep up with all the lights they keep turning on, televisions and so much more.

These days, more and more parents are finding new ways to keep tabs on everything in each room. There are actually control systems that can be installed where your light switch used to be. Not only do they control your lighting but also things such as your entertainment center and your blinds. This means, you technically don’t even have to step foot in the room to adjust things.

Door Handles that Clean Themselves

This is one we thought was pretty neat. These handles are great for not only those neat freaks out there, but also anyone who has children. Germs have a way of spreading fast and it’s not always easy to remember to clean every little nook and cranny.

When you have door handles that clean themselves, this means you have one less thing to worry about. Even this simple change is going to cause the spread of illness to be greatly reduced.

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Patricia Thompson is an interior designer and has undertaken a lot of projects. She tries to make use of the latest technologies for homes such as ceiling insulation automatic home appliances and green ways of living.

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