Whenever technology advances, mankind will always find a use for it in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s a new way to consume media such as video and music, or a new way to control our video games, you can be sure that any technological advances will filter down the scientific tree and into our personal devices. Here are some of the biggest advances that we’ve seen over the past decade that have transformed how we entertain ourselves.


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In the past, a mobile phone was purely for calling. Eventually, small advances were added such as a multi-line display, text messaging, contact saving, and eventually, video games. Early mobile phone games such as the ever-popular Snake are still played today, but the old versions pale in comparison to the mobile games that we play today. Popular mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Candy Crush draw in millions worth of revenue on a regular basis, and they’re available to be played on any Android or iOS phone that’s been released in the past half-decade. Not only can we play video games on our phones now, but we can also read books and magazines, listen to music and even stream films and video on demand.

Browser Gaming

The internet used to be exclusively for information and communications. However, some clever folks twisted technology such as Flash to do more than just display information—they created video games! Flash games are still abundant on the internet, but the in-browser technology has expanded to include video streaming, complicated games and even cloud gaming. Websites such as Maria even allow you to play the exact same games as you would in a casino so you never have to leave your home to get the same entertainment that you would at Vegas.


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Fibre-Optic Internet

The internet has always been full of opportunities, but they expanded greatly when high-speed internet connections were introduced to homes. Now we can download music in seconds, stream high-definition quality movies at the click of a button, and we can even broadcast whatever we’re doing to the internet for people to watch like reality TV. For instance, you can cast to your LG smart tv from your mac computer. The advent of cheap and accessible high-speed connections has expanded our entertainment options, and many of our everyday devices like phones, game consoles and tablets have become entertainment hubs that can fully utilise the internet.

Virtual Reality

Hailed as the next frontier of media consumption, virtual reality has become somewhat of a niche product but, thanks to decreasing hardware costs, it has become more affordable in recent months. A virtual reality headset can cost a lot, but it offers a world of entertainment that puts you in control. Experience virtual worlds as a character, not just a spectator. Watch videos in full 3D and marvel as the effects and explosions pop out, and explore the world in high detail and quality that’s never been available to consumers before. It can cost a lot to setup a virtual reality experience, but there are some alternatives such as Google Cardboard that offer a budget experience, or Sony’s Playstation VR which is a cheaper (but just as good) alternative to premium headsets such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

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