What do you do when you need quick translation? You probably open Google Translate and type your text there. Or, you might even have a thesaurus to translate your words.

Tell me, are you satisfied with the kind of output you’re receiving? Perhaps not! If you’re someone who needs accurate and repeated translation, the conventional approach you’re seeing is way too traditional!

The problem with Google Translate

I do not intend to criticize Google Translate – it is an awesome service with a wide support of languages. But do you know the real problem with Google Translate?


Try translating a long sentence to your native language, and Google Translate will bring in at least one mistake with it. It is not its fault – there are limits to what artificial intelligence can do. As scripts vary, rules also vary, and that is what brings in mistakes.

Take it easy! Let me present before you an excellent app which does the translation job seamlessly:-

It’s Takeasy – Take it,easy man!

Takeasy takes a different approach for translation. Do not mistake it for yet another ordinary translation app. Here are the basic features of GetEasy which make it unique:-

Human Translation

Takeasy knows it’s impossible for a robot to translate text accurately. You cannot rely on bots for serious jobs. Takeasy has a big team of translators who can juggle between thetext of different languages. These translators are on their toes to help you out with your translation jobs. Disturb them anytime and they will translate your work.

Translate over call and text

Choose your desired input and output languages in the app and press the call button. The app will start finding the translators who can do your job. The call will ring until one of the translators accept your request.




You can talk to the translator for translating your words, or you can use the message window at the bottom. The translator would be glad to do your work in either of the means.


Do you know the best part of it? It’s quick! Not as quick as anartificial translation for sure, but you won’t experience any sort of delay! Your job would be doneseamlessly, and there’s no doubt about it.

Your chat records will be saved in the app and can be accessed anytime. This is done so that you can refer to them again if needed be.

Picture Translation

Do you find a billboard or a hoarding in a language you don’t understand? Picturetranslation might come handy next time!

Simply take a picture of that text and upload it through the app. The translators would translate it and send the translation to you. This feature can come in handy when you are in another country whose native language is beyond your understanding.

What else do you need related to translation?

Supports a variety of languages

Takeasy has got 8 languages on their cards – English, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.


Any of these languages can be used for input as well as output. Takeasy has got many translators for the same.

Pricing and packages

Takeasy gives you one call free – so that you can try before you buy. After that one call, the charge is pretty simple – $1.99 per minute. You can pay via PayPal.


The policy is simple – make a call first and then pay. But, you cannot make another call unless you clear the dues of the previous one.

If you are a long term user who would need to use this service now and then, Takeasy has an opportunity for you. Takeasy has introduced various packages for bulk requirements. Switching to packages would drastically reduce your expenses. These packages can be foundin the app itself.

Downloads Links to The App


For Android – CLICK HERE

Official Website – Takeasy

Final Words

What do you think about Takeasy? Don’t you think it’s a worthy alternative to Google Translate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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