If you enjoy a punt on your chosen sport now and again – then just how techy is your approach? These days, there is a wide range of apps that make the approach you can take to betting a whole lot more professional and a lot more analytical. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will win using whatever app you employ, but what you can absolutely guarantee is that the approach will be more disciplined.

Depending on the exact app you choose – the discipline is there for the programming. So if you have a look at all the different Betfair trading apps, for example, you’ll soon see that they’re as good as you make them.

Gambling with an exchange like Betfair (which is the biggest exchange in the world so there are almost always near-limitless markets, particularly on big sporting events) offers the possibility of gambling on both sides of the market. This is nothing new; Betfair has been around a long time now and gamblers are well-used to the processes of backing and laying bets. But if you’ve ever felt like other punters seem to be able to respond more quickly than you can to markets – it may well be because they’re using an app of some sort.

Most apps are automated and all are available as a free trial. They’re also available in demo mode against real life markets. This enables you to hone your skills. So if, for example, you think you know one of the world’s biggest gambling market, such as the English Premier League, just slightly better than the wider market, then you can test your judgement and your system on a no-risk basis.

Even more importantly – you’ll be doing so against real life markets, even though you aren’t putting any of your own money at real risk. The same goes for other big markets like Formula One, UK horse racing, tennis, rugby and all the rest.

Just make sure you don’t get too confident too quickly, and ensure you trial the different system and apps thoroughly. Try to keep at as an academic exercise for as long as you can – and prove to yourself that the app and your judgement are up to the mark.

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