After several years of developments, updates and crazy changes in mobile phones, they’ve become an essential part of our lives. Phones are now extensions of who we are and what we do so losing them, leaving them or having the battery lose power is no longer an event we can allow to happen. Depending on where you live and how society has integrated technology into daily activities, mobile tech is the present to some degree and the future. China uses a social media/messaging app called WeChat for paying items and booking taxis. But what are the common ways have phones caused the world to evolve so much?

Meeting up

This is the most common comparison and the methods of old in seeing friends are the most fondly recalled if the internet is any indication. A picture of bicycles laying on a sidewalk has been circulating around social media with the caption, “Before cellphones and social networks, this is how we figured out where our friends were.” Even going out to watch a movie had to be planned in detail. There was no way to contact each other regarding last-minute cancellations or changes other than the landline at home or the payphone.

These days, you can send a simple text, “We’ve got a double date with the cute foreign exchange students. See you at the Starbucks by the plaza in 15 mins.” Expect your friend to be out the door and heading over the minute you sent it. If they’re running late, it’s nothing a call or another text saying, “Where r u?” can’t fix. There’s no more looking for the payphone, dialing you friend’s parents house and thinking of a convincing story to tell their folks. Decades ago, you would’ve had to plan out your codes and alibis.

Morning routine

These used to be differ a lot from person-to-person but these days, we share common habits such as turning off the alarm on our phones, checking our emails on our phones and checking Facebook as well as our other social media accounts still on our phones. If you’re in a relationship, there’s always the mandatory “Good morning” text with your term of endearment.

With the numerous apps covering different uses and activities out on the market for us to download and utilize, our phones can also help us with our exercise. It can suggest the different tips to tracking heart rate to counting steps and calories. You can even chat with your officemates while you’re still on your way to work.

How we work

Before the time of cellphones and good mobile reception, we either celebrated our time outside the office or dreaded it. It meant our work couldn’t follow us home. Missing an important call at the office was easily excused if they phoned in after work hours. If we suspected our boss would want us to work on the weekends, we just had to avoid our landline phones and pretend we were out somewhere the whole weekend. We could even leave a recorded message, redirecting calls to voice mail to make it believable. Our time outside the office was ours.

These days, having a mobile phone means there’s no one to compete with us for call time and no reason to say we couldn’t be reached. It also allows us to multitask. We could be going through email while speaking to a client or going over Gantt charts while we Skype with our team and send them PowerPoint presentations. Our office is now the world. This hasn’t always meant a bad thing, though. Moms who prefer to stay at home with their children now have the option to do so. More jobs are now designed to be flexible enough to be done at home. Location is no longer a issue when you can use a signal booster if you have data connection problems in your area. Now, parents can attend spend more playtime with their toddlers that would’ve been eaten up by traffic.

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