Traveling is a beautiful thing! Whether you’re an avid traveler who always has his bag packed or someone who wants to break the wheel of monotony, travelling to a foreign country always offers a unique experience. However, if you’re like most of us, chances are that you don’t understand local languages, leading to frustrations and sometimes dire experiences. What happens if you cannot communicate with locals when you need language help the most? In such a case, you might feel like a helpless alien, as you face immense difficulty communicating with locals even for basic things like getting directions. This is where Stepes, a one of a kind people-powered translation app, comes into the picture.

Stepes (pronounced /steps/) is a recently launched mobile app and it has already generated ripples in the translation industry. It features language translation with a personal touch and cultural insight from local translators who are ready to help you overcome language barriers wherever you are. Dubbed the “Uber of translation services”, Stepes is a welcome change to Google Translate or other outdated translation solutions. Whether you are on a business trip or traveling for leisure – Stepes’ global network of human translators will be at your service around-the-clock and provide language and translation related assistance in real time.

In their most traditional sense, translation services are progressively challenged by new and advanced machine translation technologies currently available. However, most businesses still have to seek the help of human translators for translating formal and customer facing content, because certain cultural nuances and intricate subject matter knowledge are needed which only human translators are able to master. The San Francisco based company is convinced that mobile powered translation technologies will help usher in an era of “Big Translation” (the shared participation by the world’s bilingual population in document translations or interpretation services). Today’s hyper connected ‘network’ combined with ubiquitous mobile devices provide a perfect backdrop for language innovations like Stepes to scale up translation capabilities in areas such as business content, social media, and international travel, thereby fulfilling the world’s ever-increasing communication needs.

This opens doors to a plethora of interesting opportunities for the likes of professional translators or regular bilingual people. In fact, people who were not even part of the translation ecosystem can now contribute to better language communications in our globalized economy. Big Translation brings different languages and cultures together and unites them through more effective language communication.

Stepes is a mobile app that is based on a simple concept. It aims to harness the amazing potential of people speaking two or more languages. This app has positioned itself as a People-Powered Translation App: It enables travelers to get real-time human translations. Stepes also provides travelers with local information and even offers them the opportunity to book an on-site interpreter that supports users wherever they are visiting – all this at the push of a button.

You may research extensively and collect facts, figures, and any information about your next destination that is available online – but all this will never match the insight possessed by a local. With Stepes, you can tap into this extensive knowledge base! Rather than just moving from one tourist spot to another, understanding cultural nuances and having insightful information will help you understand a foreign country better.

So, before you embark on your next trip, download the free Stepes app. It is available for both Android and iOS. If you have doubts regarding the usage of this app, let us know and write a comment. We will be glad to assist you! Also, if you come across any app which is dedicated to assist travelers in any way, let us know in the comments section – we will definitely consider featuring it on our blog.

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