Stats All SEOs Need To Read This Year

by Dan

Do you work in SEO? Is most of your time spent trying to promote websites and help them reach the best search positions? Then we’ve got some important statistics you’ll want to read. Working in the industry means you understand all the ins and outs. However, you need to take a look at consumer attitudes to get the best results, and that’s where we can help.

37{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of people say they are more likely to click organic results rather than advertisements. That might come as somewhat of a blow to those who use Adwords to reach the top spots. It’s certainly something you need to bear in mind when working on client’s websites this year.

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44{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of people think that websites listed at the top of Google’s results are trustworthy. That means they’re more likely to spend money and purchase products. However, all SEOs know getting to the top doesn’t have anything to do with the good nature of a brand.

23{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of people have never clicked a Google Adwords ad! It might sound shocking, but a recent survey proved it to be true. That means the advertising campaigns you run for clients manage to alienate almost a quarter of their target markets.

Find out more interesting facts and stats by taking a look at the infographic below. It’s vital that everyone working in the industry gets to see this information. SEOs want to provide the best service possible, but they can’t do that without looking at public perceptions. Some clients might alter their approach to SEO if they saw these statistics.

Infographic Published By SEO Training

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