Over the last few years, smartphones have come a long way. Smartphones are getting better at every feature they possess whether it’s the audio quality, touchscreen responsiveness, camera quality or highend graphics.

Various people have different needs from their smartphones. A movie buff will select a phone which offers the best screen and video quality, an audiophile on the other hand will select a smartphone on the basis of its sound and bass, similarly a hardcore gamer will want to select a smartphone which offers him the best gaming experience.

Today in 2014, the number of mobile gamers far surpass the number of console or PC gamers. Although smartphones can’t replace gaming consoles when it comes to gaming experience and there is a lot of room for improvement but selecting the right accessories which complement your smartphone can make a difference and exemplify your mobile gaming experience altogether.

Lets have a look at some of these accessories:

1) Controllers

Don’t get me wrong, I love touchscreens and they are great and there are some great games out there today which are played using touchscreens but when I want to enjoy an old school game, nothing beats a controller which one can hold and operate. When it comes to controllers, we recommend the following:

MOGA Pro Controller (Android 2.3+)

MOGA Pro Controller

Priced at around $49.99, MOGA Pro Controller is a console type of controller as you can see in the image below. Note that this controller only works for Android phones. It has flexible smartphone stand which you can use to attach your smartphone horizontally on the top of the controller while you are gaming. The stand is fairly wide upto 3.2 inches so it can accommodate most smartphones whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (3.12 inches wide) or a Micromax Canvas (2.87 inches wide).

MOGA Pro Controller looks quite similar to Microsoft Xbox One Controller. The controller gives a really good hold due to its rubberized grip and is quite comfortable suitable for long sessions of gaming. Another amazing feature about MOGA Pro Controller is that its wireless and be connected to smartphones and tablets easily via Bluetooth. Not to mention, the controller also comes with a separate tablet stand as well. Pretty cool huh.

When it comes to batteries, this controller possesses internal batteries which are rechargeable and can be recharge with the help of a USB connection. The only little con of this controller is its bulky design which makes its not so portable but if you want to enjoy gaming at home, this is the perfect choice.

2) Headphones

Smartphone displays are become larger and more refined with the course of time but lets face it the loudspeakers are often still pretty tiny so if if you wanna truly enjoy a game, they you gotta get some good headphones. Here are some of the best headphones we recommend which won’t break your bank and still let you enjoy every second of your gaming experience. Oh and they are pretty comfortable as well so you could keep them up for long in case you a true hardcore gamer.

SkullCandy S6HSDZ-072 Hesh 2.0 Headphone

SkullCandy S6HSDZ-072 Hesh 2.0

Known for its funky look, these headphones are known for its first class audio quality. Kindly note that its over the ear headphone.

One of the most appealing features of this headphone is the white colored design which looks quite magnificient (see image below). It comes with a circumaural design which keeps your ears covered from every side preventing any sound leak. Those soft and leathery earpads will keep all those loud car racing noises, gunshot madness and other gaming sounds only till you. The only disadvantage of SkullCandy S6HSDZ-072 Hesh 2.0 is its wired and not wireless.

Weighing only around 180 grams and costing only $59.99, these headphones are worth every penny. These headphones come along with a soft silky pouch so you can keep these headphones safely.

3) Battery

This is every hardcore mobile gamer’s plight. When you are playing some high end games, the battery seems to run off very rapidly. If you are using Logitech Powershell controller, it already comes with a battery built within it. In case you aren’t, here are some of the recommended options:

EViO EUP – 13000-M13000B 13000 mAh Power Bank


This is a powerhouse which can keep going for hours so in case you are playing a heavy game, then this is definitely a must buy. EVio EUP has 13000 mAh battery and comes with a flashlight which is inbuilt. Although it takes a fair bit of time to charge this completely but for the price of $40, its still a decent buy. This battery comes with a 1 year warranty which is always good.

EVio EUP consists of 2 USB ports so you can use it to keep your Android smartphone and your MOGA PRO Controller charged at the same time.

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