Some Mac OS X El Capitan Hacks To Make Life Easier

by Dan

Mac is one of the most widely used computers, and many of the users may have been using them for a long time, but there are definitely some features about which people might remain oblivious. This is just to throw some light on a few of the hacks for the Mac OS to guide you through the shortcuts and the hidden features.

Put the corners of the screen to use

Some of the most important and useful hacks are to set up the hot corners so that simply moving the mouse cursor to the corner will result in actions like to start or disable the screen saver or to pop-up the Notification center or even to put the display to sleep. To enable the hot corners, simply open the System Preferences and in the top row there is an option termed as Desktop and Screen Saver, on clicking that option, a button named Hot Corner appears. Set up the options in the new pop-up box and your corners are not just simply corners anymore.

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Keyboard shortcuts

In the same way as above, all you need is to click on the menu and then open the Keyboard option. Then find the Short cut option and just click on it, a list appears following the action from where the user needs to find App Shortcuts and clicking on it enables the user to change their shortcut for any particular app that they want.

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Passwords are safe with Mac

If you tend to forget passwords, then the feature Key Chain access is going to be your best friend. The OS X tends to keep a record of all the passwords that are put into it and saves the same in an encrypted form, and this feature is all that is needed to decode the password if you forget it anytime. All you need to do is to launch the app from the Spotlight and then the entire list of entered passwords appear, but you don’t need to get baffled by it. There is a search option at the upper right corner to narrow down your list according to the requirements. Find the password entry that you require and then double click on it which leads to opening of a new window and then click on the option Show Password, after which you need to fill out the login password for security purpose and then the password is shown in an encrypted form.

Passwords are safe with Mac

Force quit frozen applications

Any hung application is somewhat frustrating, and Mac has a feature inbuilt which let you kill the app without having to put forth any hindrance in the Mac’s activity monitor. Just a few simple steps need to be followed, just go down to the dock and then right click on the icon of the app that is causing any trouble. A few options appear from where you can see the Quit Option, don’t click on it instead hold down onto it, and a new drop down box appears from where the option Force Quit needs to be clicked to kill the offending program.

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