Over the years, online gaming has received a fair amount of bad press. Many have associated online gaming with problems such as encouraging inappropriate behaviour, losing interest in ‘real life’ issues, laziness and a range of other negatives. However, studies have shown that online gaming can actually be beneficial in a number of different ways with some surprising results stemming from the research that has been carried out.

More and more people these days are playing games online, and this includes everything from computer gaming through to online casino games at sites such as Uptown Aces. For those that do engage in this type of gaming, the good news is that it can not only help to enhance creativity but can also help you in a variety of other ways.

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Some of the ways in which online gaming can help

There are various benefits that can come from getting involved in online gaming. Look for skill based games, as many of these benefits can stem from them:

– Increasing creativity

– Enhancing your ability to multitask

– Improving hand-eye coordination

– Enhancing your ability to make decisions quickly without compromising on accuracy

– Improving vision for night driving

– Boosting perception

While researchers have admitted that violent games can negatively affect the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion, they do still increase the positives.

What researchers discovered

Research was carried out by scientists at the University of Rochester and indicated that gamers are able to make decisions around 25 percent faster than non-gamers – and without making sacrifices in terms of accuracy. The research also showed that they are able to pay attention to more than six things at a time without any confusion, whereas the norm is four things at a time. A three-year study of teens was also carried out, which showed that those who played games regularly scored higher in creativity than those who didn’t.

Another study was carried out at the University of Padua and suggested that children with dyslexia could benefit from improved reading skills by playing fast-paced video games. Another study by researchers at the University of Iowa showed that online gaming could have a considerable positive impact when it came to the deterioration of cognitive skills in older people.

The results of these various studies will come as good news for the many parents that worry about their kids gaming online as well as for the rising number of adults who enjoy getting involved in this type of activity.

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