When one of my friends suggested that I try Solitaire Tri Peaks, I thought that it was a ridiculous suggestion! I am a hardcore gamer who owns an X-Box One and a PS4; I am not going to waste my time with a game of solitaire now, am I? I mean what year is it, 1995? Anyways, a couple of days later, I was stuck in traffic during my daily commute to work and I still do not know what came over me, but I decided to download this game. Three months down the line, I have to sheepishly admit that getting the chance to play Solitaire Tri Peaks almost makes me look forward my daily commute!

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What makes Solitaire TriPeaks So Great?

It’s (almost) free: Solitaire Tri Peaks operates on the ‘Freemium’ model, which allows you to have a unique Solitaire experience for free. However, as expected, the levels will get progressively tougher and you may choose to purchase a few boosters to help you out. They also charge you a certain number of “coins” every time you attempt a level, however they provide you with 12500 free coins when you install the app and they also provide you with 1000 free coins every 20 hours as a result of which you will never have to make a purchase just to enjoy this unique twist on solitaire! Please note that every time you complete a level, you earn coins as well, not to mention a few bonuses based upon how quickly you completed the level, the number of combos you executed, etc.

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Subtle social media integration: The app displays a Facebook connect icon at the time of logging in and that is it. There will never be any annoying pop-ups asking you to share your activity on Facebook. If you do decide to let the world in on your latest obsession, you get rewarded with 3000 “coins”. This goes to show that over 1 million people have downloaded Solitaire Tri Peaks because GSN Games has built a quality product, rather than making people fall for clickbait strategies.

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Beats the monotony: When I initially downloaded Solitaire Tri Peaks, I thought that sure it is going to be fun for a few days, but I am eventually going to get bored of it. After all, it is just a variation of solitaire right? This is where GSN games has done an absolutely stupendous job. They have incorporated the concept of a ‘saga’ in the game of Tri Peaks solitaire, as a result of which this game just refuses to grow old! With over 600 levels, stunning graphics and adorable characters, you will be in for a ride that is guaranteed to carry on for a long time.

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Earn some bragging rights: When I finally decided to connect this app to my Facebook profile, I was surprised to find out that many of my friends are playing this game already. Now I can see that I am on the pole position on the leaderboard, thus earning some well-deserved bragging rights!

Easy to get started: All you have to do is tap your screen here and you will be prompted to tap your screen a couple more times and this game will be installed on your Android device! Enjoy!

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Room For Improvement

Takes a while to download and install: A 47MB file for a game with a relatively simple concept is a bit too much in my opinion. I do not understand why it is so bulky because they do not display ads and it does not contain any malware. If they optimize their code and make the file smaller they can possibly increase their reach substantially!

Uses a significant amount of your resources: The graphics are cute but my friend did complain that it takes a toll on his device, which is a few years old. However, this is not an issue for gadget freaks who are always switching over to the latest models!

solitaire tri peaks 6

It is my personal opinion that the issues I have mentioned are pretty minor, but I had to discuss them so that you may have a balanced perspective. However, my final verdict is that if you are a fan of card games, or if you just want something to keep you occupied during some rare downtime in between the daily humdrum of modern life, then I strongly suggest that you give Solitaire Tri Peaks a try. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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