The cell phone is now obsolete! Who would’ve thought? Those of us 90s kids who possessed a cell phone were the cool kids and the gadget freaks! Seems like a joke now, doesn’t it? But again when Apple announced in 2007 that they were going to release the iPhone, only the hardened and dedicated Apple fan boys were excited by it. But the buzz around it kept growing and once it was released to the public, the field of mobile connectivity changed forever!


Initially it was though that the iPhone’s ridiculously high price point would keep smartphone technology from being adopted en masse all over the world, especially in third world countries. But the beauty of releasing a revolutionary piece of technology in an increasingly open world is that it is only a matter of time before such technology is hacked or replicated. Although Apple’s products retain the aura of a quintessential status symbol especially among the nouveau riche, smartphone manufacturers like Micromax, Lava and numerous others are mushrooming all over the world making affordable devices for anyone willing to adopt the technology. However if you are still cash strapped, you can always opt for refurbished devices. Classified sites like connects buyers and sellers making it easy for you to shop your favorite handheld device at a fraction of cost.

What is a Smartphone?


Do you really need to ask this question? If so, well firstly I am sorry you have been living under a rock and secondly the more challenging question would be if you asked what your smartphone cannot do. Your smartphone is your phone, your alarm clock, your camera, your video recorder, your calendar, your personal digital assistant (PDA), your GPS, your internet browser, your bookstore, your video rental library, your social networking platform and most importantly, it makes you feel naked if you do not have it on you at all times. Your smartphone condenses the functionality of a laptop computer into the palm of your hand. As a matter of fact, in many sections of the third world, smartphones are the primary if not the only device by which people get online.

For some people, smartphone allows them to see their friends and loved ones in a different part of the globe at the push of a button, whereas for others it literally breaks down barriers and evens the playing field. Met your sporting idol in the supermarket and want to share your candid moment with him immediately with your friends? Your camera directly hooks up you’re your Facebook or Twitter account! Got a hot trade tip and you cannot get to a computer? There is an app that can help you out!

Anything and everything that you could possibly do online can be achieved by a smartphone and if you do not own one, then I am sorry to say this, but you are indeed a dinosaur! Go on and stop being one right now!

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