The era of smart phones began in late 1990’s. The first was from IBM called “IBM SIMON”.

I am not sure whether  we have heard the name. Still we have to accept that this was called the first ever smart phone and then in the race were Motorola and RIM.

Then it was in 2007 the Apple.Inc  came with its successful model iphone which later revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry.

Let us walk along the paths of history and see where the innovation began in smart phone industry


Research In Motion, develop the BlackBerry  7250 model, which it claimed to be first to offer CDMA connectivity and Bluetooth. This was probably around 2005.



Google Android is the most dominating platform in the smart phone industry.

It was HTC dream project . T-Mobile G1 which laid the platform the development of Google’s  Android.

This mobile was released year later iPhone.


Then it was the MOTOROLA that actually hinted about Android platform.

It did happen. It came with DROID in 2009. It also had additional features like physical keyboard, very exciting screen and free GPS navigation.



Next phone that dethroned Apple as smart phone leader, “Samsung’s GALAXY S3”.With its awesome touch screen and Android platform featuring many application left the people stunned.



The sixth generation of the iPhone  is the next move of Apple and it is a success story for them. And it is evident that Apple has already slashed the market gains of Android.


This is a smart phone generation who might know, the next can be a Virtual world!!!


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