SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) is a type of Telephone system like VoIP which can be used for peer to peer communication (between two entities).SIP phones can also be used with popular VoIP technology and many VoIP providers supports usage of SIP Phones,You can visit amcom for SIP phones.

SIP phones are very useful for private sector firms by replacing costly PSTN/ISDN technologies,Usually SIP Phones can be classified as Hardware based and software based.

Hardware based SIP phones are like our traditional phones but can able to make phone calls through Internet rather than using PSTN( public switched telephone network).In software based SIP Phones,Any computer can be used as a SIP phone which should be connected with a VoIP provider or SIP provider via Broadband connection

Why use Amcom SIP Phones

Amcom is a a leading provider of SIP Phones,They provide fully customizable SIP Phone solutions with variety of advanced features like Internet Messaging and Video Conferencing system.

Features of Amcom SIP Phone Solution

  • You can easily record calls and use enhanced call controls.
  • The network can easily upgraded according to the need.
  • Advanced controls over in case of a disaster or outage.
  • You can save cost bu using Amcom SIP Lines

How SIP Works

You will be needing SIP client (software based SIP phones) and it should be configured to work with your VoIP line or dedicated SIP Lines like Amcom SIP lines and once its configured you can start the communication process.

Things you need to use SIP Phones

  • SIP Client (A software which is to be installed on Computer)
  • Input and Output device (Headphone with Mic)
  • SIP ID – You need to obtain your SIP ID from your provider or register free account on GetonSIP.
  • Reliable Internet Connection

If you own a business then SIP phones are the best and cheapest way to communicate than traditional PSTN.

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