Children at school and adults in the workplace are all being encouraged to ‘go green’ wherever they can because of the state of the planet. Over-population has resulted in numerous hazards towards the environment such as increased litter and pollution and it is down to us to stop it from getting any worse.

Using up essential natural fuels has harmed the planet and every time there is a morning commute, cars are sat in traffic jams using up valuable fuel and emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere without actually benefitting from them which is a waste – admittedly an unavoidable one once you’re on the road, but getting cars off the road is just one example of a measure which needs to be taken to reduce the negative impact that humans are having on the planet.

recycling phone

Schools are spending much more time educating youngsters on the importance of recycling and ‘going green’, the kind of information that today’s adults never received; and employers are encouraging their staff to recycle their waste rather than sending it out with the everyday rubbish to be put into landfill sites. Many are of the unfortunate opinion that the damage we have already caused to the environment is irreparable and that one person doing a few eco-friendly things won’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but if one person makes a few changes to the way they live their life they can in fact help to repair the planet.

Recycling an old mobile phone is just one way that you can get involved. Rather than leaving it in a drawer for years gathering dust you can choose to recycle it over the Internet and make some money from it rather than it ending up in the bin and subsequently a landfill site. Many people have made some good money from it too, with the models in the best condition obviously making more money than those in a poor state or not working at all.

People see a gadget and assume that it either works, or it doesn’t. Then when a new model comes along the recently released iPhone 6, it doesn’t matter what condition that phone is in, they suddenly want the new one and that perfectly good phone is left unused. This is the perfect opportunity to not only make some money by recycling it, but to save the environment by ensuring that it is disposed of in the most eco-friendly way.

Another option is to have solar panels installed on your property, bringing in power from the suns rays rather than using that from the power companies. The sun is a form of energy which is available in abundance and can be stored for significant amounts of time thanks to developments in the technology behind them. Previously solar powered gadgets were given a bad reputation because they would only run for a few minutes despite being in direct sunlight for days, but now many homes are built with solar panels on the roof as part of the initial development plan and those homeowners have benefitted significantly.

The lighting used in your home is also a really easy way to change your lifestyle and the planet, especially if you’re able to replace any of your energy-sapping bulbs in favour of the more modern, eco-friendly energy saving bulbs. A lot of people are against these bulbs because they feel that they don’t offer the same levels of light instantly, taking a period of time to ‘warm up’ to full brightness, but if it’s the difference between saving the planet and waiting a few minutes, or full-powered light instantly but a higher energy bill, the energy saving bulbs get my vote every time.

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