From time to time you will want to update your website’s design so that it doesn’t end up looking too dated. If you’re wondering whether or not your web design is due for a revamp but aren’t quite sure if it really needs it then this checklist will help you to figure that out.

Does it have a ‘mobile version’?

If your website has a mobile version of itself or (worse) is not mobile friendly at all then it definitely needs an update. A huge proportion of traffic nowadays consists of people on mobile devices, and most every website will benefit from a responsive mobile-friendly design.

How text-heavy is it?

Many older websites tend to be fairly text heavy and use images sparingly so that the web design is more efficient and loads faster. Nowadays that is no longer such a necessity however, as internet speeds have improved by leaps and bounds and website’s can afford to have much more visually enticing designs and even include large images.

Is the navigation complicated?

At one point in time dropdown navigation menus were all the rage and large and complicated navigation bars were a common sight. Today’s web designs tend to favor a simpler and streamlined style of navigation that prioritizes the user experience, and dropdown menus have certainly gone out of fashion.

What type of code is being used?

One of the less obvious problems with older web designs is the type of code that they use. Every year HTML and CSS advance rapidly, and older HTML code may be slowing down your website as it tends to be more bulky. If your web design is several years old it may need updating for this reason alone, as complying with modern web design standards will improve its performance and even affect search engine rankings.

Has its bounce rate increased?

As they say the proof is in the pudding, and if your website’s bounce rate has been steadily increasing over time then it is a clear indication that your web design needs to be looked at. While there may be other factors that could be responsible for an increasing bounce rate, a dated web design certainly numbers among one of the most common culprits.

By going over the items in the checklist one by one, you should be able to not only determine whether your web design is in need of an update – but also the direction that revamp should take. Today’s websites tend to focus on the user experience and aim to be as mobile-friendly as possible.

Of course web design is still a fairly subjective area, but with the right Sydney web design you may be able to get some pointers and suggestions on how yours can be updated. It may be worthwhile to check out some newer examples of web design to see whether there are any elements that you’d like to incorporate when you update yours.

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