Whenever a new iPhone is launched in the market, the first question that comes into the minds of the users is that whether or not the new iPhone is worth the upgrade. And since, the iPhone 6S was launched a month and a half back, still many of the user must be wondering what to do? Whether to sell iPhone 6 and buy the new 6S, or stick to the iPhone 6 itself. Let us find out.



The ‘S’ upgrade of the iPhone often features the same chassis as of it’s predecessor, but this time surprisingly the iPhone 6 S is about 2 mm thick and also a bit heavier than the previous version of the iPhone.  iPhone 6 measures 138x67x6.9mm and weighs 129g, the iPhone 6S measures 138x67x7.1mm and weighs 143gNow the increase in the thickness and the weight, is reasonable as this versions brings in the 3 D touch touch technology, and since it is reasonable.



The display size of both of the devices is exactly the same at 4.7 inches, and the resolution is the same, which results in the same pixel density as well. Rest everything remains the same. So not much changes that are brought in, thought the display has now layers and can detect the pressure with which yu tap on it, and press it. Which again is the same thing, that Apple calls as 3D Touch.

Camera and Processor

The camera on the new iPhone is a 12 MP shooter, while that on the previous version was the 8 MP. Also it can now shoot 2160p videos at a rate of 30 fps. The front facing camera s now 5 MP, as compared to 1.2 MP on the previous version.  The clock speed of the processor has been increased, along with some chip changes, and also the RAM on the new iPhone is increased by 1 gig. O iPhone 6 S has 2 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 6 only has 1 GB of RAM.


Surprisingly the battery on the new iPhone has been decreased to about 1715 mAh, and before in the iphone 6 it was 1810 mAh. It lead to a decrease in the stand by time, by 10 h. Whereas the rest of the battery performance is almost the same.

So this was pretty much the differences in the new iPhone 6S and the older iPhone 6. So now tell us, what do you think, will you be selling the iphone 6 and going for the new iPhone 6S instead? We would love to hear your views in the comment section below.

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