When it comes to promoting your products and services, there are many ways of direct marketing. Email & SMS Marketing are just some of them. Now, with the popularity and demand of mobile devices, you can also use Push Notifications for marketing. Well, won’t that be awesome if you can manage all marking forms via single platform? If you think so, you should definitely check out SendPulse, which is going to be the savior of every marketer ever. In this article, we have a brief review of SendPulse, discussing what it offers, how you can use it and whether you should go for SendPulse. Shall we start?

Getting to Know SendPulse

We can call SendPulse an integrated platform for multi-channel marketing — which includes marketing via Email, SMS and Push Notifications. It means that you can send emails, bulk SMSs and notifications from the unified dashboard.

You can easily keep track of all your campaigns, regardless the channel they are in. Practically speaking, you just need one dashboard instead of three. Another important part is, SendPulse uses powerful Artificial Intelligence to optimize your marketing campaigns. Optimization of email open rate should be noted here.

Like these, SendPulse offers a bunch of innovative features that would make marketing a piece of cake. Now, we shall check out how SendPulse is different from other marketing platforms, even the multi-channel ones.

The Power of AI in Email Marketing

Open Rate optimization is what SendPulse focuses on. It means that more people from the mailing list would open the email newsletter. It, then, means that your campaign would be more successful. SendPulse uses a bunch of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning to make this possible. Depending on the type of campaign, SendPulse can even select the appropriate time and channel. It also uses predictive analysis to ensure the best result — with the help of machine-learned user-profiles as well.

Crafting Your Perfect Email Newsletter

SendPulse has one of the best email newsletter designers we have seen so far. Once you have provided the basic details of your email campaign, you will be lead to the editor. It needs to be noted that you can either use the Template Editor or even bring your brand-new code. Right after you have edited the code, you can send it. This is where you can integrate SendPulse AI for optimizing open rates. The Review and Sending part of SendPulse allows anyone to optimize email campaigns like never before.

Bulk SMS and Push Notifications

As mentioned earlier, SendPulse dashboard lets you manage Push Notifications and SMSs using an easy UI. You can use the SMS section to send bulk SMS messages across the globe. On the other hand, by placing a few lines of code in your website, you enable Push Notifications as well. In case you didn’t know, such Notifications are quite effective in driving traffic and conversion optimization.

In both these sections, you can make the best use of Automation and AI-based analytics. For instance, you’d be able to schedule bulk SMS messages at a particular time and date. Also, you can input user details from a sign-up form. If you ask us, we’d recommend creating a 3-in-1 campaign that sends Push Notification, SMS and Emails at the right time, with right content.

Better Analytics, thanks to AI

Be it Email, SMS or Push Notification; SendPulse lets you analyze campaign statistics and take the decisions. Apart from all the AI-based features we talked about, you can use the traditional modes like A-B Testing via SendPulse dashboard. According to our experience, SendPulse dashboard offers enough information on your campaign analytics so that the next newsletter can be perfected.

Pricing and Availability

SendPulse offers both free and paid plans, which is great. It needs to be noted that SendPulse free plan has the maximum capacity with least set of limitations. There are three types of premium plans — Monthly, Pay as You Go and VIP. In all these, you can find affordable pricing plans according to the number of subscribers you have or the number of messages you like to send.

Rejoice, SendPulse offers free web push notifications. You can send as many notifications as you want, which is great.

The Final Verdict

Considering all these points, SendPulse is indeed the best choice for AI-powered multi-channel marketing. It needs to be noted that SendPulse AI offers the best results and optimization in all channels, including SMS. At the end of the day, you can save a lot of time and money. According to our experience, the automation & open rate optimization features are just awesome.

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