There is certainly no way escaping from the daunting competition between the two mobile giants who urge to smackdown the other to take the throne. If this stands as a case with the two legendary mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC then certainly the outcome will surely be breathtaking one. Ever since the Android took up as the most admired and widely accepted operating system, the mobile phone manufactures have fastened their seatbelts to drive to the throne by wiping out all the obscuration on the way. Whether it’s a high end mobile phone or a basic one, everything has a reason to compete with the fellow rival. Over here, the open competition between the HTC and Samsung has mushroomed into an open war and why not, when both the companies have showcased their best on the best mobile phones in the market, none would like to taste the defeat in anyway. Let us see what happens when Samsung’s mighty Galaxy S4 clashes with the HTC’s modest HTC One.


Sometimes, it’s the design that captivates the mind of people right in the first go. It was merely a difference of one month when both the rivals showed up on full swing. Let’s see how it worked!

Despite of the fact that S4 was launched one month later than the HTC One, the design and body make of the Galaxy seemed pretty slated with that of the predecessor models. Not completely look alike but yeah one can easily make out. The giant S4 braves more ambler plastic materials that form the body part of it and a mighty 5 inches display that is bolted on front panel. However, the thickness is confined to 7.9 mm and it retains its weight at 130 grams.

On the other hand there is HTC One that has completely distinguished design and there’s simply no irony about the chic look of this Smartphone. Had it been just about the design then certainly HTC would have made an easy escape but keeping in mind the 9.33 mm of thickness and 143 grams of weight, the competition seems bit thorny between the two.

If you talk about the thickness and weight of the mobile phone then certainly it is Samsung that takes the lead but the distinguished design of the HTC is also worth few more kudos. Confusingly however, if the buyer has to make a pick on the basis of the looks without taking the build dimensions in mind then HTC would have ruled.

Advantage: Tie

Display and build:

Alright, so as we edge near to the display thing, there is a visible difference in the screen size of both the Smartphones where Samsung takes the lead but then there is also a difference in the pixels density where HTC takes up the victory.

The S4’s massive 5 inches Super AMOLED display has an absolute screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels that reflects out 441 ppi.

HTC One on the other hand has 4.7 inches Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen that has screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and braves 469 pixels per inch.

Advantage: HTC One


Performance has never been a worrying element when it is about the two major mobile phone manufacturers. Certainly, none would compromise with the performance quotient that could affect their stability in the long run.

Talking about the Galaxy S4, it comes fitted with the all new Qualcomm’s quad-core 1.9-GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM. This promises a blaze flash speed of handling multitude application run with sheer ease and neatly.

On the other hand HTC One picks Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 processor that is clubbed with 2 GB of RAM.

Advantage: Galaxy S4


The camera portion of any mobile phone turns out to be a table turner in most of the cases. Now this makes it pretty obvious that the snapper has a deep impact on the minds of the people as the users who are not too technical sound believe in ‘higher the megapixel better the camera’ philosophy.

The Galaxy S4 braves 13 Megapixels camera on its rear end that is supported with LED flash while, the front 2 Megapixels snapper proves decent for self portraits and video calling.

On the other hand, the HTC One is locked with potent 4 Megapixels Ultrapixels camera on its rear side and 2.1 Megapixels front facing camera for distortion free and efficient video calling experiences.

Now this could be a thorn in evaluating the winner as the HTC’s Ultrapixels snapper generally takes better looking photos, but the Galaxy S4 lets you get more creative with its wide array of features.

Advantage: Tie


So, edging towards the conclusion of the charting, the results seem pretty much clear and understood and moreover this is a mere tie. Both the high end Smartphones have teased each other a bit and even a bit more but there overall prolific features left no room for differentiating the two of them. If Samsung was good then HTC went better and that’s how it rolled to a tie. Nevertheless, there isn’t a big difference between their prices as well. The HTC One price stands pretty aggressive as in comparison to the Galaxy S4.

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