The market for ultrabooks really exploded in 2012, both in terms of popularity and the variety of available models. There are many advantages of this new genre of portable PC over traditional laptops: they are lightweight, slim, stylish, powerful and fast.

Developers have truly embraced Intel’s challenge to the industry to reduce laptop sizes and weight, while increasing battery life and maintaining power. As improvements to these high-end machines seem to be announced almost daily, it’s become hard to keep track of the latest models. So, here’s a quick look at five of the best ultrabooks currently available.

Gigabyte X11

gigabyteIf small and portable is what you want, then you’re guaranteed delivery with the Gigabyte X11.The Taiwanese manufacturer have taken this idea to the extreme, producing one of slimmest ultrabooks on the market – a mere 17mm at its thickest, narrowing down to only 3mm. Perhaps most impressive, though, is its lightweight carbon-fibre shell that has reduced the weight of the ultrabook down to less than a kilogram– it is the lightest in the world!

This little guy still packs a punch however, boasting Ivy Bridge processors and even a couple of handy USB ports.

Lenovo IdeaPad U510


At a slightly larger 21mm thick the IdeaPad U510 is still ridiculously slim, but Lenovo have take advantage of the extra wiggle room to packing in some of the highest computing power of any ultrabook currently available.Storage capacity is huge –up to 1TB – and there are plenty of other impressive features: ports, a DVD or Blu-ray drive, and a generous 15-inch screen. All this, and the machine still maintains a resume-from-sleep time of barely a second.

 Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A

aseus zenbook

Perhaps the finest feature of Asus’spremium Zenbook Prime is its screen; at 13.3 inchesits size is nothing special, but the 1080p IPS resolution is definitely something to get excited about. Asus is currently at the forefront of ultrabook screen resolution; models like the Zenbook Prime demonstrate possible future potential for gaming use.Ivy Bridge processors and a swish aesthetic combine to make the UX31A one of the most desirable, yet pricey (~£1500) ultrabooks on the market.

 Acer Aspire S7


At an ultra-thin 12mm thick, both the 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch versions of the Aspire S7 are ultra-light (1-1.3kg) and therefore ultra-portable. The Aspire S7 also boasts, however, a Full HD 10-point touch-screen. This is a big step in a new direction – towards bridging the gap between ultrabooks and tablets. Designed specifically to run onthe new Windows 8, the Aspire S7 is a pioneer into the future of the ultrabook.

Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus


One word: affordable. The nFinity 2367 Plus may not have the bells and whistles of some of the premium brand ultrabooks, but it still manages to satisfy has the core desirables: it is thin  (18mm), light (1.61kg), it has a quick resume, and is has a long battery life (7+ hours). At a budget £625, it’s the most inexpensive ultrabook on the market.

Now after touring the best 5 ultrabooks,Which one do you think,going to be the rockstar…??

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