Recently Ubuntu Touch popularly known as Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets the Linux based smart phone Operating system has revealed its preview few months back. Few weeks back the team working behind this OS had also made an announcement that they would be releasing a fully functional version by the end of May. As May is over we thought of collecting the news and here’s a sneak peek of Ubuntu Touch at present.

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Ubuntu Touch

The Keypad:

Ubuntu Touch is being developed keeping smart phones and tablets in mind so the basic function of this OS should be the ability to make phone calls. As announced by the team they had made a simple classy and a functional keypad. They have a generalized theme throughout Ubuntu touch apps. And as a OS for mobile platform the keypad is simply perfect.

During Call Ubuntu TouchKeypad of Ubuntu Touch Mobile

The Calendar:

The team working behind Ubuntu Touch is a community which has been working exclusively on app building process giving the feel of the mobile platform and this Calendar app is a perfect example behind their effort. People who have tested this app have felt bit buggy but it was simple and as it was just a developers preview they had been informed and have forgiven for such bugs as expected.

Calander app Ubuntu Touch

The Calculator:

Calculator has nothing to be explained as it works like any other calculator or apps available around. To say about it just we can say the orange look of this is eye catchy and has definitely scored points for its look. To be honest Orange color did give some attraction to the calculator.

Calculator Ubuntu Touch

Friends App: The Social Network Feed:

Not to forget about the Friends app as you can see in the screenshot the posts from both twitter and Facebook would appear through this app. So all your social networks will be displayed or will have a single timeline. Hope this would be loved by the social networking fans as they need not have multiple apps opened at a time. This app also has a simple and neat status bar as people would expect in a modern phone with a cool and simple keypad without any frills.

Friends App Ubuntu Touch

The Terminal Application:

After all this is Linux and they have embed its essence by giving a terminal feature. Few had a mixed emotions on this terminal and few people complained over its look same old terminal look which could have been modified with a rich modern look. Anyhow people are not going to use this terminal but the team might have included this so that people should not forget about what Linux is after all. Do you love to have a terminal application on a phone???

Termina Ubuntu Touch

The Clock:

As usual from the days I have bought a mobile I have skipped using my watch. I watch over mobile again and again for the sake of seeing time. The Clock app in Ubuntu touch is simple yet pretty with displaying sunrise and sunset in a circle. It opens very quickly with just few nice touches.

Clock Ubuntu Touch

The Stopwatch:

Going along with the Clock is another standard tool that we all use our phones for: The Stopwatch. It’s got something to do with people who love to cook food and set a timer on how much time they have to wait before they have to stop their cooking.

Stop Watch Ubuntu Touch


This is a screenshot from the document viewer. It has been including here because of those cool looking buttons. Yes and No buttons in green and red – it’s just so obvious and intuitive. More user interfaces should include this sort of style to indicate functionality. It also shows a great attention to detail.

The File Manager:

We don’t have proper file managers on phones very often and it is presented in the form of folders or galleries to see the files in the phone. In iOS you don’t even have a good file manager feature. In Ubuntu Touch the file manager is the core app and makes user very happy.

File Manager Ubuntu Touch

Pop-Up Menus:

Tap and hold on an item (such as a file), and you expect a menu to appear showing what you can do with that item as in Android. Here’s what that looks like (at present) in Ubuntu Touch. In short Linux is definitely going to win the hearts of open source lovers.

I think now is the time for app developers to concentrate a bit on Ubuntu Touch. What are your thoughts on this latest open source smart phone OS, will it be able to give a touch competition to Android?

Image Credits and Article Inspired from Networkworld

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