People are quickly becoming technology addicts. Smartphones have become the center stage of communication and entertainment. In addition, with that, Android is leading the Smartphone market with more than 55{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of mobile OS share.

Android is known for its customizability due to its open source kernel. Users love to mess around with flashing new kernels and what not. While it may look fun and geeky, there is a backdrop to it. 4 out of 10 times, users tend to lose their data due to some glitch or other.

But with every problem comes a handy solution which makes our life easier. There are many software out there which will get the work done, more or less, but instead of giving you 10 different choices to choose from, I will talk about just one, called FonePaw Android Data Recovery, it gets the work done, and what else do you need?

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

The Features

This software can be a golden egg for Android users who like to mess with their operating system often. Users are already frustrated after losing their valuable data and they want to get back things immediately they think are important to them.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery does just about that. The friendly user-interface is the first thing that will capture the user’s mind as to how easy can something so frustrating issue can be. But yes, everything is clean and easy to access functions.

This software, which is built on the foundation of algorithms, is so powerful. It can efficiently retrieve your data back from your Android smart phones. It will recover your phone call logs and also recover text messages from Android devices in a short time. In no distant future, FonePaw Android Data Recovery will empower users to restore music, videos, PDFs, etc. with ease.

The Process

It’s easier than making a Sandwich. Yes, that’s easy! It works on a model we call as – Plug > Scan > Recover.

Once you have purchased this software, plug your smartphone into PC and make sure you have at least 25{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of battery still remaining.

Open the data recovery software and it will detect your Android smartphone in couple of seconds.

Next, you will see a list of things that can be recovered from your Android device in the left sidebar. They include contacts, messages, message attachments, call logs, photos, videos, audio files, PDF files will appear on the list.

But we can download our music and movies back from the internet and would not be of concern at all. What really matters to the users are the messages. The important messages that 90{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of users communication comes from.

Disclaimer: Do not use the phone once your data has been lost, until you recover it back again. You will not get quality data recovery if you use your phone.

So how do we recover text messages from Android phones? Just a couple of clicks and it’s done!

  1. Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery and launch it on computer.
  2. Connect the device to PC
  3. Make sure to turn on USB debugging mode.
  4. It will give you option to choose file type. Tick Messages and click next.
  5. You will get a popup on your Android device to get the privilege. Click Grant. If you deny, it won’t work.
  6. Next, it will display list of messages that will be recovered, click Recover.
  7. Done! Go checking the recovered files on your computer easily!

Recover Messages from Android

Ball is in your court

How easy was that? This software works for HTC, Nexus, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG and more. So next time you mess things up again, you know how to get it done with this utility.

Should you have any more questions regarding the same, let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to help!

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