It’s common nowadays to forget passwords. So, what would you do if you lost Windows password? This happens if you haven’t been using a Windows PC for a long period of time. Microsoft has some in-built methods to recover your passwords, but they’re not really useful. Some of those methods require an internet connection while others force you to give up on some data.

The last time we’d checked, most people relied on those methods out of necessity and nothing else. In this article, we are going to share an effective method you can use to reset lost Windows 10 password in your PC. It needs to be noted that the method works in other versions of Windows too, and it goes as late as to Windows 7.

So, in case if you lost passwords in these devices, don’t worry. We’ve a superb solution that gives you access without actually losing all your data.

How Does PCUnlocker Work?

You might be wondering how we are going to reset Windows password without using an official method. It is always a matter of truth that third-party software is better than existing ones. So, if the official ways and in-built options don’t let you recover password, we use a third-party program — PCUnlocker. In this guide, we’ll be using this program to get past the forgotten password.

PCUnlocker is a third-party program that lets you bypass, reset and manage your Windows password without actually losing any data. It offers a free trial along with the actual paid program. You can try out the features if you’re a bit confused about buying it.

Shall we now move onto see how does the password-resetting function in PCUnlocker works? We’ve mentioned it, because PCUnlocker can be used to reset user-account passwords as well. The process took us a few minutes, but the results were amazing.

How to Reset Lost Windows 10, 8 or 7 Password using PCUnlocker?

There are a few steps involved in the process and you have to download a few things from official sites too.

  1. You have to download PCUnlocker from the official website, if you’re going for the free trial. On the contrary, if you have already purchased the pro version, you can find the link in your confirmation email. Once you have downloaded and extracted the ZIP file, you can find a few files inside the package.
  2. For convenience, we can burn the ISO file into a USB Drive, which can be mounted and booted. To make one USB drive like that, you need to download and run a tool named ISO2Disc. It’s a free tool and you can get it from a trusted website of ISO2Disc. It takes just a few seconds to select the drive and burn the ISO to USB.
  3. Now that you have a bootable USB Drive, you can reboot your computer. While it’s being rebooting, press a key for External Device Booting. From the upcoming menu, you have to choose the connected USB Drive. It may take a few seconds to load the PCUnlocker interface.
  4. In the interface, you can find many options, including that of Reset Password. It needs to be noted that the program will list out all the active users on the PC. Make sure that you select the actual account before doing the resetting task.
  5. From the menu, hit the Reset Password In the upcoming prompt, provide the new password. Or, if you don’t need a password, you can leave it blank too. That’s it. You have successfully reset the existing password and created a new one.

In short, the process of resetting administrative password using PCUnlocker is so simple.

Other Features of PCUnlocker

Apart from resetting your existing Windows password, PCUnlocker can do some other things too. A few of its superb features are:

  • You can enable local Windows accounts that have been locked out or disabled by the system/users.
  • If you don’t want to reset the password, PCUnlocker lets you bypass the password system itself.

  • Complete support for all versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Manage your user-accounts with ease. You can even promote a normal user account to Admin level.
  • Support for virtual machines as well.

Along with these, we can count on the superb technical support from the PCUnlocker team. If you did come across some trouble, they can help you get back to square one. More importantly, PCUnlocker does not lose any data in the process. Not even your user data will be tampered in the process.

The Bottom Line

Considering all these, PCUnlocker is indeed the best way to reset Windows passwords with ease. Speaking in light of our experience, the process was really quick and didn’t require much technical knowledge. Indeed, we had to reboot the system from external device, but that’s fine. The best part is, even when we regained access to the lost account, not a bit of data was lost. It surely makes PCUnlocker something superb.

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