It is very annoying experience to get hit by a Virus. It slows down your computer, it hangs or most of the programs won’t open and keep on giving errors. But still people do manage using their PC in spite of the troubles they face. There are many famous Virus like ILOVEYOU, Melissa, Nimda, Code Red, Klez etc and one of the most annoying virus that is hitting computers these days is FBI Moneypack virus. It’s not like the other viruses where we can manage using our system in spite of being attacked by virus but it completely freezes our system and leaves no other option but to format. This post will help you recover your system from FBI Moneypak virus without formatting or following hard steps of Regedit.

What is FBI Moneypak virus and what happens when it gets affected?

FBI Moneypack virus is a fake alert generated by scams to defraud money from innocent and naive computer users. This virus is also popularly know as FBI Fine Moneypak Virus Ransomware. Computer is totally locked by an alert from FBI that requires payment of $100 to regain access to the system.

The alert message looks something like below

 Your computer is blocked because of several reasons. For example, violating Copyright and Related Rights Law (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content and so on. Besides, you are informed that your computer is infected with malware as a consequence of violating the law on neglectful use of personal computer. You are required to pay the fine through MoneyPak of 100$ in order to unblock your computer, which will be unblocked in 1 to 48 hours after the money is put into the State’s account.

The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation logo too looks as if we really did some mistake and got our system blocked but it is simply the work of the virus working behind.

FBI Moneypak virus

Effects of FBI Cybercrime MoneyPak Virus

1. Ctrl+Alt+Del won’t work to open the Task Manager.
2. You can’t access any icons or you won’t even get the desktop shown at all.
3. Esc Key or any other keys on your screen won’t help you out of the situation.

Steps to remove FBI Moneypak virus:


1. Restart the computer with the restart button (Ctrl+Alt+Del won’t work).

2. As soon as the computer restarts, begin to tap the F8 key until the boot menu appears.

F8 Boot screen

3. In the Windows Advanced Options Menu, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe mode with Networking and press Enter.  (If you are prompted, log on as administrator)


Download and run ESET Antivirus or ESET Smart Security

1.   Download ESET Antivirus or ESET Smart Security from its official website.

2.  Click Save.

3. Select the location as Desktop, and then click Save, if not check for the installer in your download folder.

4.  ESET Live installer of 1.34MB will be downloaded.

5. Run ESET Live installer file which you have downloaded, double-click on the eset_smart_security_live_installer.exe file.

6.  Read the license agreement, and click Accept.

7.  Complete the installation process.

8. After installation Eset antivirus it requires a system restart. When you see a prompt to restart the computer, click Restart.

9.  When the computer starts, begin to tap the F8 key until the boot menu appears.

10. In the Windows Advanced Options Menu, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe mode with Networking, and then press Enter.

11. Open ESET and start scanning your computer.

Wait for the scan to complete. (Can take a coffee break)

12. After the scan Follow the on-screen instructions. (like deleting or quarantine the virus)

13. Restart the computer in the normal way and you wont find any locked screens now.

There are also some other methods but I found this as one of the simple and easiest method. You can also try the above steps by changing ESET antivirus with Norton or McAfee they too work. Precautions to Safe Gard before you get hit by FBI Moneypak virus is by using a good antivirus program which is not in its trial version.

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