Ever wondered how to tackle the ever increasing spam on Internet,Especially if you own a e-Commerce website or a community based websites,your going to spend lot of time just cleaning up the spams and fraud registrations.

What you need ?

TeleSign Intelligent Authentication system is the best automated phone verification system which can reduce the web-spam registration and online frauds.

Telesign products

  • TeleSign 2FA  – Add additional security level apart from just use name and password,Users will be prompted for a 2 step verification process for a successful sign in.
  • TeleSign Verify – Feature which requires users phone number verification for a successful sign up,This will enhance the security level and reduce the spam registrations.
  • TeleBureau
  • PhoneID Standard
  • PhoneID Contact

Whom it is for ?

eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites can leverage the power of automated phone verification system to reduce fraud rate and Deepen insight about your customers.Telesign 2FA and Telesign Verify can be deployed.

Social Networks

Social Networks going too need this technology badly already many popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter already Implemented such systems.Deploying automated phone verification system will reduce the spam registrations which also includes the manual spams and frauds.

Hosting and Domain registrars

TeleSign enables Domain and Hosting providers to substantially reduce fraud and chargebacks, prevent account compromise, and automate the manual review process, resulting in lower operational costs and increased revenue.

other Industries

  • Gaming
  • Cloud Services
  • Education
  • Public sector

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