If you had not known or heard about Foursquare, it is time you learnt something about it right now and why it is so indispensable for your small business. An easier way to understand Foursquare is by looking at what it can do to your business and how it has helped hundreds and thousands of business owners like you to multiply their sales and maintain rapport with their customers.


Foursquare is in reality a piece of app that will let your friends and customers know your location, what you have been doing, what you have found interesting there and even inspire your friends and you to plan your next move.

The other angle to Foursquare is the recommendation that it can give you to find some new places to see, based on where you have been and what others are doing in a location. That means immense benefits for you. You will not have to ask others about availability and the silly little questions that travelers usually ask.

One of the first prerequisites for a good customer relationship is your availability and your location details even if you are on the move constantly. When your customers know where you are, it unconsciously builds a psychological closeness to you and your business. Of course that means compromising a little on your privacy, but you should not mind that considering the enormous benefits it will bring to your business.

The other thing that might be music to your ears is the fact that 25 million users are already using the app and is growing stronger day by day.

When you get the Foursquare app you are throwing open your business to a vast array of customers who may want to discover your place. Whether you own a specialty restaurant or one that is made for a particular ethnic group you will surely be found by millions of other Foursquare users.

If you have known Foursquare and don’t know how to use it, simply follow the steps and soon you will have become a veteran user yourself. Most of it is intuitive and simply superb and well designed even for the naïve.

The first step is you must create a personal account. That you can do by going to: and providing the information they want. When you are there, you will have two options to sign up. You can either use your Facebook account or you can simply take the more scenic route by providing your email address. The choice is really yours.

The next few things you need to do are search for your businesses and claim them. Claiming is fairly simple and easy. All that you have to do is type in the query and when you see the answer just click on ‘Claim Here’ and you will have claimed your business.

Another possibility is sometimes you may not see your business in some localities, in which case, to claim, you will have to provide more information for making a claim. Sometimes, it is also possible that you are not limited to a couple of locations.

If your business is spread across more than 10 locations you will have to submit a special form for using Foursquare at all places. One of the useful features that will help you develop your business is the free analytics. It will give you information about foot customers whom you can target as your prospective customers. Is that not enough reason to become a Foursquare user straightaway?

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