As marketing heads deeper into the new digital age, communication and collaboration become that much more vital to achieving sales goals. Today, efficiency in every department is dependent upon real-time communication, but that becomes even more important for your company’s sales department. There are many ways that real-time collaboration can benefit your company’s goals.

Why Real-Time Collaboration is Important

The ability to provide up to the minute collaborative reports is beneficial because it allows for a higher level of sales coordination. Giving every team member the ability to review the progress of a given task at every stage opens up the process to feedback that can help refocus everyone’s efforts. In turn, this helps the whole team deliver a higher quality of work. By providing this type of real-time communication, the team becomes more productive and can generate better results.

Another advantage to real-time collaboration comes in when dealing with long-term projects. By utilizing online collaboration software, your team can work together on the same deal without overlapping one another. One team member can come in on the sales project, review up to date data on the deal and begin working where someone else previously left off. The possibilities when using cloud computing or collaboration software will save tons of time. As your client services move from just a pitch to long-term contracts you can store a whole history of work and communication in one central place. Chasing down emails, word documents, and other chains of communication months later will waste time and money.

Providing the resources that enable real-time collaboration might mean installing new technologies or equipment, but the cost is worth it. In both the long and short term, you’ll see higher peaks in productivity and efficiency that might not have been previously possible.

How Can You Bring Real-Time Collaboration to Your Office?

There are many ways to bring real-time collaboration into your workplace. One method that doesn’t require a major financial investment is in utilizing your employees’ own mobile devices. There are dozens of messaging apps that allow people to communicate in real time, eliminating the need for emails that might go unseen for hours. Instant messengers are great for updating team members in real time.

Additionally, Google Docs has made it both easy and cost-efficient to share documents. Anyone on the team can access documents at anytime and from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. When a document has been updated, team members can be notified via instant messenger to check the project’s progress.

Similarly,cloud storage has helped businesses take advantage of digital technology to allow employees to stay up to date on current projects and new proposals. They can access any data relating to the project or to the entire sales team just by accessing the company’s cloud account. This becomes especially beneficial if your team is geographically divided to accomplish different goals related to the same project. They can update the entire team on their progress, sharing new successes or requesting insight into a particularly challenging problem.

You could take real-time collaboration one step further by investing in online collaboration software. While this requires a slightly higher investment, it can provide greater resources in helping team members remain connected and informed about the progress of any project. The higher level of coordination this type of program provides will help your sales team become more efficient, which means more sales for the department as a whole.

As digital marketing makes every business a part of the global economy, it becomes more important to maintain real-time collaboration for the company’s workforce. Only by utilizing this higher level of communication can team members ensure their company keeps an advantage over the competition. Real-time collaboration means establishing dominance over the competition through unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

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