In 2017, the market offers a wide range of business analysis tools that cater for the most demanding users’ needs out there. These tools provide wide opportunities for swift analysis of various types of data and business planning for all kinds of industries, which is hard to overestimate in the current business environment. One of the best ones on the market is RanetOlap, an olap data analysis tool working with MS Analysis Services and other XMLA data sources. In this article, we’ll focus on reviewing its best features and how they can help you improve the ways you handle your data.

About RanetOlap Data Analysis Tool

RanetOlap tool, or just Ranet, is popular among both business owners and IT specialists as it allows different kinds of users, no matter what IT skills and experience they have, conduct comprehensive olap data analysis and get insights into their business data.

The tool is very easy to set up and use. Once you have connected it to the data source (or sources) you have, be it SQL or Oracle databases etc., the data from your olap cubes is automatically added to RanetOlap and you can start creating interactive reports for your business right away.

Creating Interactive Reports

RanetOlap allows users to create reports in two ways, depending on their IT skills and experience.

The default way most users opt for is using a special report designer that allows to just drag and drop the olap cube data you want to see in the report into special containers, and the report is automatically formed in the pivot table area. Once you delete elements or add new ones, the report is automatically updated without requiring any actions from your side, so you needn’t have any IT experience whatsoever to create reports of any complexity.

Ranet business analysis tool allows detailing and grouping the data, setting complicated filters, seeing and analyzing the same data from different perspectives, thus giving you better insight into your business.

In case you have programming skills, the tool allows you doing even more than that and go beyond its standard functionality. You can write custom queries and generate reports viewing data slices that cannot be singled out and analyzed by means of standard functionality of such tools.

Other Features

Apart from providing great opportunities for reporting, RanetOlap has a number of notable features that greatly simplify working with your data:

  • web olap analytics with no limits for browsers or devices
  • ≈50 controls for desktop-based analytics
  • possibility to easily integrate it into other applications
  • rich data visualization options: charts, diagrams, maps
  • custom report and cells design
  • customizing to any visual theme
  • what-if and other types of predictive analysis
  • export to Excel, XML, URL

All in all, RanetOlap is an awesome business analysis tool that allows its users to view and analyse their data from various perspectives and, as a result, make better business decisions.

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