A dash cam is a video camera installed on vehicles. It is capable of continuously recording both audio and video. The footage that a dash cam captures can act as evidence in a court of law to provide proof of an accident. It can help the victim get the compensation that they deserve, particularly if it wasn’t their fault. 

It’s true that some folks will do anything to extort money including faking injuries. However, with the dash cams available at vdashcam.com it becomes impossible to fake injuries from another car. Discussed below are some quick tips about dash camera.

Parking Mode

You must look for a dash camera with this trait as it will help you to record what happens even when your vehicle is parked. Yes, you heard me right! Some dash cams are so advanced that they automatically switch to this mode when they notice changes in the recording angle.

Night Vision

With night vision capability, your dash cam lens will adjust to the low brightness and deliver good pictures or clips. Before purchasing a dashcam for your car find out if it has night vision capability so that you can get high-quality footage even after dark.

Time and Date Stamp

Today, most if not all dash cams come with the time and date stamp to indicate the date and time when the images or footage were taken. Footage without a date and time stamp cannot be relied on in court because it might have been shot at an earlier date.

Rotating Lenses

A huge fraction of dash cams come with lenses that are fixed at only one position meaning that they can’t record all the incidents that happen to your vehicle. However, with rotational lenses, you don’t have to worry about the positioning of your camera or adjusting its lens frequently.

Video Quality

Perhaps, this is the most important feature that you should scout for in a dash cam. It’s true that an excellent dash cam has a high resolution as well as clear video output. Low-quality footage won’t help you get the benefit that you justify if you are involved in an accident. For this reason, get a high-end HD dash cam.


The size of the dashboard camera that you choose should also be put into consideration. If you own a small car then hunt for a tiny dash cam that won’t consume lots of space on your dash. Furthermore, it won’t attract the attention of people.


Search for a dash cam that comes with sophisticated features like GPS. This feature simply works by adding location details of the footage already captured. In some cases, the work as a navigation device that directs you to your destination. With such dash cam, you won’t need any navigation device on your dash. 

You have a broad range of cameras to select. The low-end ones are very cheap and won’t include useful features like colored display, time and date stamps, twin lenses, just to mention a few. The choice is yours, depending on your needs, budget as well as preferences.

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