Most avid gamblers would agree that android casino apps are not what they are used to. At one stage frustration was mounting over poor graphics and slow speeds, but that was quite some time ago, and since big players like Jackpotjoy casino came on the scene a few years ago, things have improved by leaps and bounds.

With numerous free, quality apps available you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Granted, there are many out there – and when we say many, we mean many – but as with all things there are some that are great, others that are mediocre and others which are downright terrible. So when wading through the sea of available apps, we found these whichcaught our attention.

quality gaming apps

Slots by jackpotjoy is not only fast but fun too. The interface is relatively simple so users won’t have to spend ages trying to figure out how the game works and thus avoid unnecessary frustration. In addition to jackpots, bonus coins can always be won and if you run out of coins one is able to purchase coins via a safe and secure app. A positive aspect to this game is that you are not stuck with a single game once you start. By spinning the reel you are able to level up and thus unlock new exciting games. The fact that there is variety may keep you playing this app longer than some of its counterparts as you are unlikely to become bored for a very long time.

The developers refer to Bingo Lane as ‘the best bingo game in town!’. Is this accurate or are they blowing their own horn? Standing in their favour is a 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on the Google Play Store. Users tend to agree that this game is a winner, saying that it’s their ‘favourite’ and that they can’t put it down because it’s so much fun. We think part of the attraction, aside from the large wins, is the variety: there are various rooms which one is able to play in, as well as numerous bingo callers. To sum it up, the game has personality and delivers on its promises.

The two apps which I have mentioned are merely a taste of what is on offer and leaves one thinking that if these apps are this pleasing now, how incredible the future of android casino apps will be.

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