During any web design project, the design elements position and web pages layout counts a lot. Hence a number of techniques are employed to take care of the design and layout to embark with a right structure. This helps in giving a good aesthetic factor. It is all about planning the space for content and images you put over the article with proper spacing and layout with increases the beauty of websites. In other words, the proxority principle helps designers to prioritize content to make sure that the important content become more appealing and visible to the visitors coming over the website. The principle helps you in grouping all the important content together which brings in a proper feedback and flow

Proxority principle during site navigation

When you design any navigation menu, the first thing you need to do is to produce the information architecture of the website which helps you to organize links and pages in proper cohesive structure. This follows adding up different categories or subsections if required. With this you develop a proper drop down menus along with adding much competent browsing aids which support designers to further combine the content which lacks proxority.

When you are designing navigation menu, make sure you give a proper attention to the page value and their relevance so as to make it an ideal example of proxority. This principle proves the best while designing any kind of website in a proper order. This principle supports you to organize your information architecture of your website in an effective way. The elements of proxority can be a great guide in helping you where to put different stuffs over your website in a strategic fashion.

The proxority brings the best

The main purpose of proxority is promoting the best and weeding out the worst thing in your website design. This helps in improving the layout of your webpage. With this you are able to place your logo or cash line or brand’s name more appealing. In fact this principle helps you to improve the visibility of the important information put over your website. For instance if you have to put your logo, the proxority principle ask you to place it over the top left hand corner.

Rate the value of every element

If you want to identify which elements of your webpage are important and critical, you start with examining all the objects found in the layout, including the big or small. Now you need to rate these components as per the perceived and functional value. This can be done by simply collecting the screenshots of these components found on your entire web page and then define them properly. Or simply jot down every component on a piece of paper which you find on your webpage. In this way, you will be able to gauge the value of your content found on your website.

The great thing about the proxority principle is that you it helps you give value to every element of your web page. This helps you in placing them in proper sequence and as per proper relevancy factor. The ideas of proxority was present since long, however, very few of the web designers used it. However, with cut throat competition appearing in the online world, more and more people have started adopting this principle to embark with excellent and professional kind of web design. Few of the proxority principle are shared in the article, which should give an idea about this concept. So, hopefully when you consider any new website project you care more for these things to embark with a competent website.

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