Digital purchases are becoming more and more popular as technology advances since everything is becoming gradually easier for the average user. The majority of major retailers now have online versions of their stores that contain an even larger catalog than their physical counterpart. Today we will talk about how to stay safe online when purchasing these digital goods so you never have to worry about your information being leaked.


HTTPS (Secure Websites)

Internet phishing has gotten popular over the years, and its works quite well on stealing thousands of identities a year. Essentially, it is a way to create a fake website that looks exactly like the original with maybe one letter missing from the URL so you hardly notice as a user. Any information entered on these types of websites is incredibly dangerous, as you are now letting them have your personal information.

To know what site is secure, and what site is definitely not, you should look at the address bar and look for the HTTPS: at the beginning of the URL. To make things a little easier you could always use the Google Chrome browser and just look for a bright green lock on the address bar (you can’t miss it). If you notice anything else, then stay away.

Never browse through unsecured websites without security, and never place credit card information or personal data into these sites.

unsecured wifi hotspots

Unsecure Wi-Fi Hotspots

You can find plenty of open Wi-Fi networks in every corner of town. Never attempt to purchase digital items when connected to these type of networks, as they can be extremely unsecured and can have lurkers just waiting to gather your private information.

Did you know with dozens of people connected to the same public network, it would almost be impossible to find out who stole your identity? Why risk such a thing? Be patient and wait till you get home and are connected to a more secure network, so you do not have to worry about credit card leakage or even your identity.

If using a public computer at a local café or library never enter credit card details, if you forget to erase these details the next user could possibly take advantage of the situation.

Virtual Private Networks

These can be a great tool when shopping on open Wi-Fi, or even abroad. Virtual private networks scramble all the traffic that your computer sends and receives so nobody can read it. This program can also make you invisible while connected to the same network as other users.

There are many virtual private networks on the market right now, and they all boast about their own personal features, so it makes it a little difficult on which one to choose. But if you take the time to research, you will find the one just for you.

I hope these small tips can keep you on your guard and knowledgeable when purchasing items online. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but taking a little precaution can potentially save you from theft.

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