Saying goodbyes to contracts and subscriptions that cost monthly fees has become a popular thing for families to start doing. From phone plans to TV stations, a good way to start paying less and having an easier time navigating the industry is by cutting the deals and choosing freedom over what companies have to offer with upcharges and additional fees. Getting an HD antenna for your television is a great way to get started enjoying your media your own way, but is it for everyone? Each family has different needs, so taking the time to think about your options and look at the pros and cons for everything available is a great start to making this sort of a decision. Read on to get an idea!


You can get lots of great things by switching over to an antenna instead of paying for your HD channels monthly. We’ll take the time to break down what exactly you can expect to enjoy while using an antenna, and give some ideas to help you make the decision and find the best one for you and your home!

  • Free! No monthly fees after purchasing the antenna itself, so you don’t have to worry about additional charges if you pay late or change your mind.
  • Amazing picture quality, even more so than you’d find on satellite TV. Companies usually will compress the image, which means by antenna, you’ll get a crisper, clearer image in high definition for great viewing pleasure.
  • It’s easy to find HD TV antenna reviews to get set up with the best option out there based on real opinions from others just like you.
  • Freedom in what you choose to watch and how you choose to use your TV. You can purchase additional devices for a customized experience, without having to pay a lot for everything, even things you know you won’t be using.


Like any technology, there is always a few downsides to consider when looking into changing something. Some of these will be deal-breakers for families, while others will just see them as minor things that can be overlooked. It’s important to stick with what you feel is best, so don’t ignore the issues just for the benefits.

  • Poor reception on occasion based heavily on location. The further you are from your local TV station broadcasting tower you are, the worse it will be. Plus weather can play a part in this, as well.
  • You won’t have as many channels since you’ll only be able to get local ones. If you watch a lot of TV, this may disappoint you.
  • To have DVR, you’ll need to purchase additional devices to get you set up with that capability, and it may be a short monthly fee for certain features depending on the route you choose to go.
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