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by Dan

Creating a deck of a dozen slides to report your monthly sales can be daunting. But what about creating 20 or so slides for a business plan that can mean the difference between getting investors and shutting down your startup?

While many will tell you that any presentation depends on the strengths of the presenter, the truth is, your slides also have a big hand on whether you’ll fulfill what you’ve set out to do with your presentation. No audience would want to just sit through listening to someone just talk for two hours, no matter how lively and witty the person is, especially when it’s about logistics trends and website analytics. Similarly, any audience would find it very boring to just watch a set of slides one after the other.

If you want to have a successful presentation, you must have a combination of many factors: aesthetics, content, and the skill of the presenter. These must be woven together in a way that is creative, interesting, and of course relevant to your topic.

With PPTTemplate.net, you have most of the work covered so you can focus more on honing your skills as a speaker and preparing for the presentation itself.


PPTTemplate for Business, School and Personal Presentations

Creating a presentation can take up a lot of your time, especially when you’re not really familiar with the program, as many still are. Furthermore, if you’re not the artistic type, you’ll have some trouble coming up with a beautiful design that matches your topic. While you may just settle for a generic theme, your audience might find this too bland. Therefore, having a well-designed, polished, and eye-catching presentation theme and design definitely has its pay off.

Now, if you’re someone who would rather use your core competencies for more important tasks than to just sit on the desk poring over slides the whole afternoon, then you’ll be happy to know that PPT Template can help you whip up that unique, professional, and stunning PowerPoint presentation with not a lot of effort and in half the time.


The PPTTemplate website offers an increasing collection of free PowerPoint templates especially created for PowerPoint. There are templates meant specifically for commercial use, as well as generic ones and those meant for academic and personal use. All these templates significantly change the way you create presentations, making your slide decks more attractive.


Free, Quality Templates for PowerPoint

PPTTemplate has slide backgrounds, themes, and templates especially created for PowerPoint. This means you don’t have to use another software or app to create your slideshows to customize them. You also make the most of PowerPoint’s awesome features.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie at PowerPoint or in creating presentations, or if you’ve been whipping out slideshows for years. These templates allow you to easily create sharp, polished, and cohesive presentations without spending a lot of time for it. Best of all—it’s all free.


So, if you want to get started on a slideshow, you only have to go to the PPTTemplate website, go over the categories to choose the template that best suits your topic or theme. Speaking of categories, PPTTemplate has dozens of neatly organized categories that allow you to quickly search for the template you need for any particular topic. You can also make a search for your desired template by typing a keyword on the search box. There are many templates to choose from, so you will never run out of designs for your topics. This is a great approach toward fighting Death by PowerPoint.

Now, once you have selected your desired template, just download it. Then, you can open it from PowerPoint on your computer or device, and you can just go ahead and easily get started. No need to format anything or mess with the layout, that is unless you want to further customize the slides.


Easy Customization Options for Reshaping Templates

To customize your selected template, simply go to the Design tab on the Ribbon and choose your preferred format, theme, and background. You can edit the background by adding solid colors, gradients, patterns, or even images straight from your computer. You can also add animations in the Animations tab or add transitions between slides under the Transition tab. Furthermore, there are Quick Styles that you can choose from, as well as color schemes, so you can change the whole look of your slides with just a few clicks.

As for your slides, the templates offer various slide layouts to make each slide look different while still keeping the whole slideshow look unified and organized.

Also, there are templates in the portal that are created for specific purposes, such as meeting agenda and business plans. These come with its own set of layouts and subheaders, as well as placeholders to guide you as you formulate your data along each slide. This also ensures you don’t stray from your topic.


There are many awesome, professional-looking templates at PPTTemplate. The catalog includes a nice collection of free PowerPoint backgrounds with abstract styles, curves or even real photos. See for yourself by downloading a template today and discover how your slideshows will look amazing, helping you come up with presentations that get the job done every time.

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