Promoting your business through printed materials like banners, brochures and posters,  is one of the effective methods to attract potential customers to your new startup business. In fact, in many cases, printed materials from hp deskjet 1050 ink, will be the first introduction a client has to your business.

No startup will get very far without strong brand awareness. While digital marketing channels are important, failing to incorporate print marketing into your communications strategies is limiting your business’ potential success. Here’s just some reasons why printing is still a cornerstone of any strong startup.

  1. Marketing 

Businesses can easily avoid the expense and inconvenience of outsourcing their printing needs by investing in a wide format printer that can be utilised for in-house marketing campaigns. This saves  startup businesses thousands on their annual marketing budget. With affordable and professional print solutions now available, quality printing can become an effective part of the office and marketing strategies of any strong startup. With good quality printing, you might also need flexible packaging companies to beautifully enclose your product.

Utilizing wide droplet technology during printing, wide format printers have the ability to produce high quality images, large-format prints and graphic presentations that standard printers simply cannot handle. If your business exists within an industry that relies upon high quality print products, a wide format printer is the best device to produce those materials quickly, accurately and affordably. 

  1. Print Materials Build Credibility

Before customers have an opportunity to visit your business, print materials will often be the first impression they will receive of your business. Good quality print materials reflect the quality of service you offer, and the standards you set within your company. Quality printed materials, therefore, give startup businesses the credibility that they need to build a loyal customer base. 

Print is also the medium celebrated for its sense of legitimacy.  Thanks to spam accounts, most online users are fearful of clicking on online ads and are sick of unsolicited emails overflowing their inboxes.  With this in mind, designing and sharing great printed marketing pieces is on the forefront of the minds of savvy business marketers. Print marketing offers a sense of trust and legitimacy, that simply cannot be offered by online mediums.

  1. Branding

Printed marketing materials are the backbone of any branding effort. When branding your business with printed marketing materials, the colors, fonts, logo and brand identity of your business is placed directly in front of your target customers. For example, if you have a premium coffee beans business, you should utilise flexible coffee packaging and catchy branding techniques for your product.

  1. Customer Retention

Printed items are permanent, unlike a quick social media post or deletable email. This is one of the major reasons why new startups utilise printing as a means of retaining new customers.

Print promotion also gives new startups other avenues to explore when developing a customer retention strategy. These avenues include:

  • Brochures;
  • Flyers; and
  • Branded goodie bags featuring your name, slogan and contact information.

  1. Engagement 

Studies have shown that retention rates are higher in printed marketing materials. Websites are prone to skim reading, with the average person taking as little as 15 seconds to visit each web page. These figures are particularly relevant for startup businesses who are seeking to foster engagement within their target consumers.

Using high quality printing in your business and promotional needs is imperative to ensuring high retention rates. Today’s advanced digital color printers can produce spectacular results on a variety of media including polyester, colored stocks, magnets, banners and more.~

Advances in digital technology make it practical and affordable for startup businesses to take on new opportunities in marketing and design. Print still piques people’s interest in a way that non stop clickbait and other online ads simply cannot. Give your startup the best possible chance to succeed by investing in printing as the cornerstone of your startup.

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