Post B. Tech: Choosing the right career path

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) is one of the most popular academic alternatives in India. If you are aiming for  B. Tech admission in Dehradun, you should know all the career options open for you after the course completion.

A B. Tech degree can allow you to pick any engineering, technological or biomedical specialization and establish your career in that domain. This degree can lay a strong theoretical and practical foundation for your future career in your preferred domain.

Read ahead to find out some trending career domains that are worth exploring after your B. Tech degree.

  • Full-stack development

Full-stack development

Full-stack development careers are currently one of the highest-paying and in-demand in the technological space. reveals that an experienced full-stack developer can even earn up to Rs15-20 lakh per annum.

Full-stack development involves giving technological support for the website or mobile application department. With the entire world moving into a digital age and businesses setting operations online, good quality websites and applications have become a primary area of focus.

To become a full-stack developer, you can choose your B. Tech degree specialization in computer science or IT. The career scope is bright and can lead to a fruitful career ahead.

  • Data science

Data science

Data is the new for most industries and companies today. Businesses rely on insights generated from customer data to improve and grow their operations. Hence, there is a growing demand for professionals who can work with data in different capacities including data architects and data administrators. shows that the demand for data professionals in India has increased by 29% since 2019. Hence, pursuing a career in data science and machine learning can be a great career alternative after your engineering studies.

A data science career can be best started with a B. Tech degree in data informatics, computer science or information technology.

  • Artificial intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain have been some of the most disruptive technologies of this decade. AI can have potential applications in practically every field and blockchain is likely to fuel the fin-tech industry in the near future.

An official report by the US Bureau of Labor, has predicted a growth of $ 118.6 billion in the value of the global AI industry by 2025. Banking and other financial organizations are also in search of qualified block chain experts who can help them capitalize on the boom in the blockchain, supply chain management and cryptocurrency industry.

A Glassdoor report reveals the average pay for a block-chain developer in India is around Rs7-9 lakhs per annum.

You can explore AI and Blockchain domains with a B. Tech in computer science or informatics.

Apart from these domains, you can also explore career options in power system engineering, mechatronics, chemical engineering, biotechnology or electronics engineering. 

You can also choose to further specialize in your field and apply for an M. Tech degree in the future if you are interested. You should invest in a suitable B. Tech degree today to start your engineering career in India or abroad.

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