Cash drawers that are integrated into point of sale terminals are relatively new inventions. They have the benefit of being usable in a number of different situations, but as a piece of hardware, they are indispensable for use with a modern point of sale cash point, such as those sold by Shopify. Looking at the things that make up an integrated point of sale system, the cash drawer stands out as one of the key elements in organization. When deciding to set up a cash drawer with your point of sale terminal, you should consider the things that make a modular cash-drawer desirable. Considerations such as:


Modular Design

By creating a cash drawer in a modular design, it can be reused in a number of different point of sale terminals. Thus is a company runs multiple points of sale in different geographic locations, they can easily integrate the existing cash drawer into another location without much hassle. This is especially useful in cases where the cash drawer needs work done on it to ensure that it works properly. Modular setups allow for maintenance without disrupting the point of sale irreparably: something that combined point of sale systems suffer from. Because of the modular method of construction, it also makes it easy to determine malfunctions that affect a particular part of the system, like the cash drawer. Finally, modular setups allow for easy movement in the case of the store location being transferred. We know that stores may not always exist in the same place all the time. Modular point of sale terminals are almost portable, being easy to break down and reinstall at the final location as many times as needs be.

Easy Installation

Cash drawers are much easier to install than older tills. One of the major reasons is because a dedicated cash drawer is usually much lighter than the huge tills of yesteryear. Old tills could weight a large amount, and carrying them around could be quite a hassle. The small, dedicated cash drawers are much more suitable for setting up. Since they manually plug in to a point of sale terminal, setup is a breeze. No additional system configuration is required and they provide the same services that the old tills do. Cash drawers allow for efficient management of money and the ability to separate bills by denomination, allowing for quick and easy dispensation of change. In buying a modularly designed system, the aim is to make the system as easy to use as possible with a minimum of hassle to the cashier and to the customer. The integrated cash drawer performs this service admirably.


Probably the single most important consideration for a cash drawer is its security. When you have cash being deposited into a location you want to be sure that the location is safe. Although it isn’t a multi-layered steel hull like a safe, it is still very secure. With locks that are reliable and electronic access codes in some cases, the cash drawer is a technological marvel when it comes to securing its contents. Some cash drawers come with electronic lock and unlock capabilities in addition to the ever present manual locking controls. This ensures peace of mind of the owner and operator of the store, letting them know that their cash is safe.


Buying a cash drawer today should mean that that cash drawer should last for a certain amount of years at least. With modern construction methods a cash drawer is probably the most durable things that the store can purchase. The alloy construction of the drawer makes it long-lasting and a benefit to the company that buys it. Due to its ability to interface with point of sale terminals easily it can be reused a number of times as point of sale terminals get retired ahead of it. This unit’s longevity is another reason why investing in a modular design methodology for your point of sale system makes sense. The overall money spend in upgrading will be lessened by the fact that the cash drawer can be reused with each iteration.

Considering the different ways that a point of sale system can be set up, it is clear that the modular setup system is heavily superior to the dedicated point of sale terminal. The cash drawer that can be purchased for use here can be inherited with each other iteration of the point of sale terminal that happens in the future into perpetuity. This makes it a cost effective addition to any business. The cash drawer keeps the benefits of the past but at the same time gives a taste of the future. It is one of the most durable parts of the point of sale system and you should expect yours to last for quite a long time.

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