Playster Premium is the new version of multimedia entertainment provider Playster’s new app. It’s a free download available on both Android and iOS. Substantially improving on the old version, Playster Premium adds a bunch of new features that make using the app a completely new experience. Here’s why you should download it.

About the App

Playster Premium is a free app that allows you to access a selection of Playster’s content through your mobile device. The original version of app launched last year, and was initially only available on Android. Playster Premium brings Playster’s movies, games, music and books to iOS devices for the first time.  When you log into the app you’re greeted by a brightly colored three-bar menu screen that invites you to browse Playster’s movies, music and books collections. Clicking one of the bars brings you to the page for that media type, where you’re invited to scroll through content based on genre. And there’s a lot of it.

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What’s Great About Playster?

The main benefit of Playster is consolidating all of your entertainment subscriptions: one payment, five media types. While it may not have as many movies as Netflix, its books collection is really excellent, and they update it frequently with new content. One new feature they’ve added is the much requested “read offline” feature, which allows you to download books to the app and read them from within the app without an internet connection. This is a great data saver and really in line with the “Anytime, Anywhere” nature of the service.

They’ve done a great job of building on the old app: this new version runs a whole lot faster and it’s just a cleaner browsing experience, with less noise and better suggestions and an improved search feature, although they still haven’t perfected this. If you’re signing up for Playster, follow their social media channels; they’re very upfront about what they’re adding to the catalogue, and their promotional tweets and statuses are helpful for keeping tabs on what’s new. A helpful feature they could add to the app is a “What’s New?” tab in every genre panel.

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What Could Playster Improve?

Games and audiobooks are conspicuously absent from the app, which seems kind of unusual given they advertise the service as offering “everything” on any device. However, we messaged Playster’s support team via their Facebook page and was told that they’re aware of the inconsistency and working on adding these features, particularly the audiobooks, which are a big focus for them. It’s important to note that some of the games (namely the PC games) will probably never be available on mobile as they are PC games that are not built for mobile platforms, and can only be accessed via Playster’s desktop app—if you’re looking to play PC games on your mobile, you’re out of luck.

So Should I Download Playster Premium?

Playster Premium substantially improves the Playster mobile experience, and if you’re looking to read books on the go, we definitely recommend it. It’s much faster than it used to be and the offline reading feature alone is a vast improvement to their books service. Adding audiobooks to the mobile app is something they really need to take care of, as audiobooks are something they promote heavily, and a media type that is ideally suited to mobile consumption. Overall, though, it’s 100{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} worth a download—it is free after all!

Playster Premium Key Feature Summary

  1. A bright, clean interface
  2. Upgraded search algorithm
  3. Improved browsing speeds
  4. Get all your entertainment on-the-go
  5. Free to download
  6. Service offers a one-month free trial
  7. Available on iOS and Android
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