Paying Of Technical Debt Is As Important As Financial Debt

by Dan

You should not ignore the technical debt that your software may incur just like you should not ignore your financial debt on any kind. If you leave the tech debt in your software project unaddressed and unattended for long, it would start piling up just like your financial loans and would silently kill your business prematurely. When any software has too many dependencies on other classes, then it becomes difficult to maintain such system. When your developing team makes a change in the system, it is imperative that you understand what impact it would have on other class dependencies that are associated with it. Therefore, the architecture of the code base itself has to be understood well.

Discuss The Complexity

You should discuss the complexity of the project with your development team on a regular basis as it is not easy to design a code base without defect and as elegantly as it could be drawn on a whiteboard. There would be a lot of complexities that you would come across while developing which you may not have even dreamed of while drawing it on the whiteboard. It is very important that such complexities are well understood and taken care of as they are a most significant enemy that makes a code base unmaintainable and inextensible. It makes the code along with its architecture unstable, brittle which cannot satisfy the requirement of the solution.

The Degree Of Subjectivity

It is for the viewer to notice the attributes of the code quality, complexity and poor as well as faulty design. It is impossible and unwise to ignore the degree of the subjectivity. Therefore, it is important and imperative for all the development teams to build a viewpoint similar and common around such terms. What you can do is to implement the practice of keeping the design of the code as simple as possible. When you do that you use smaller and granular services that can satisfy one need at a time only. You can take advantage of all the proven patterns and frameworks.

Deal With Others Errors

Well, such practice seems suitable only when code designs or any independent module are currently being made, but most of the times, your development team has to deal with faulty codes and tech debts which have architecture build years ago and probably by a different team of developers. Buts such changes are necessary so that the code can support the various needs of the users and more functionality can be bolted in. Over the time, tech debt gets accumulated, accrued with interest, just like your Prosper loans, if not paid on time. Click here to learn more.

Attributes To Embrace

Therefore, there are some attributes which you, your development team and stakeholders should embrace so that the cycle of tech debt accumulation can be stopped. You should use mature and professional resources only while designing code, the involvement of the stakeholders should be meaningful and agile and refactor a code whenever necessary without putting it off. Practicing continuous improvement, clean codes techniques, testing everything before releasing are some other useful attributes to be followed.

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