Optimization Software - What It Is and Why You Need It

“What is optimization software or digital adoption tool?” We hear this for too often at trade shows, so we wanted to provide a resource that comprehensively answers this question by detailing what a optimization software platform is, explaining how it differs from other training solutions like a Learning Management System (LMS), and by sharing the benefits from using an adoption tool. 

The Basics of Optimization Software

The SaaS market is ever-evolving, and demand is growing for effective strategies on educating new users on how to successfully navigate and integrate web-based applications into their workflow. Optimization platforms like Apty meet this demand through common features like on-screen guidance, integrated technical support or knowledge base articles, and step-by-step tutorials. 

The Innovation of Traditional Methods

While LMS’s have the capability of onboarding users who are new to an application, software optimization platforms set themselves apart through their intuitive functionality. Platforms like Apty, boasts features like real-time support, in which a technical expert can guide a user to through a task as they are completing it; where LMS’s explain concepts about a software on an overview level, and teach through hypothetical situations, software optimization platforms are tailored to a specific software and technical issue.

For instance, a software optimization tool can break down a task though click-and-point guidance in order to help a user complete a task vs. simply explaining how they might do it. 

The Benefits of Product Adoption

Classroom training sessions are often expensive and ineffective – software optimization platforms mitigate these expenses through their on-screen support, and increase productivity in the process. In the case of one of Apty’s special clients, a well-known US airline – they required help with Clarity PPM (formerly CA PPM) adoption. Through Apty’s key adoption tools, their client’s Clarity PPM-related support tickets decreased by 80%, their Clarity PPM training decreased by 70%, which in turn, increased productivity 3x. 

Common Applications of Product Adoption Platforms

While software optimization platforms can be used to onboard new users, they can be used for a variety of other purposes: 

Change Management: In which a a client is adopting a new software or updating a current one – the on-screen guidance is key in understanding the ins and outs of a new program. 

Employee Onboarding: Product adoption optimizes how new employees are introduced to your enterprise software.

Customer Success and Engagement: This is an emerging segment of the SaaS market, and equipping your agents to effectively manage customer questions and concerns is key to your company’s success.

Customer Experience: Keep in mind that product adoption platforms can be just as relevant to your customers as they are to your employees. Features like on-screen guidance can help your customers navigate your website and other web-based applications.

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