Optimal VideoProc Editing Tool to Process GoPro 4K Footages

Whether it is for fun, hobby, wedding work or for meeting deadlines; shooting and creating heavy 4K videos with mobile phones, GoPro action/HD cameras or even drones have become a need. And so, is the need for processing, sharing, editing, displaying and conversion of these ultra 4K high-definition footages. No wonder, the processing of high resolution/4k videos or footages to different devices must be upto the mark and in high quality. But unfortunately, due to the big size, compatibility and lag issues, users face a lot of difficulties and complications.

Well, for that you need an expert that produces polished and professional-looking results from your raw data. An ordinary video editor could be time-consuming and might not be that user-friendly or compatible with a slow computer or system. To combat all these issues, you need a focused and all-in-one 4K video editor that is easy to use, fast and has powerful features and VideoProc is exactly that. Whether it’s about editing slow-motion or high-speed video, convert MKV to MP4 videos, process 4K footages, drone clips or downloading web videos, VideoProc is just the right and optimised choice. Apart from DVD/video conversions, the application also combines essential 4K video editing features. VideoProc is available for both Windows and Mac users. 

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The need of Video Editing Software (VideoProc)

Before we get into the details, let’s see why we need to process and edit GoPro iPhone videos in HD/4K or other heavy files using VideoProc. 

  • To easy load and export videos to the location you like
  • To have a compatible format
  • Compressing is a need for easy transportation
  • To get the videos work on multiple devices
  • Videos become shareable as the size gets reduced
  • For added features like web video downloader, video recorder and more

The Key Features of VideoProc

Here are the rundown of the highlights and basic features of the easy-to-use 4K video editing software named VideoProc

  • VideoProc has a linear 4K editing format to make the most of any video shot taken from Android, iPhone, DJI, camcorders or GoPro cameras.

  • VideoProc supports full Level-3 GPU acceleration- Even if the computer is slow or the RAM is limited, the 4K video-editing and transcoding of high-definition videos is just superb and smooth
  • Easily processes and edit 4K video, audio and DVDs without any quality loss
  • Supports hardware acceleration for Intel QSV, NVIDA, CUDA/NVENC and AMDpowered chips. All this means VideoProc is capable of converting videos 16 times faster than other video editors.

  • The tool transcodes audio from various file formats to iOS-friendly formats like AAC, MP3, AIFF and M4A.
  • VideoProc also enables you to download and edit videos from YouTube, Facebook and other online video sites. 

Benefits of using VideoProc as your 4K video editor

VideoProc is just the right and apt software package for frictionless editing of your GoPro iPhone 4K HD videos and projects. Here is why.

  • Lightweight- The large videos never crash or freeze when you use VideoProc for your device. You can easily process heavy and large-sized 4k videos shot with your iPhone or Android devices
  • Advanced editing features- Apart from usual cut, resize, merge, rotate and flip your videos options, Videoproc can do other complex activities like applying filters, adding watermark, title or subtitles, adjusting brightness and contrast.  Moreover the editing tool also uses pro-grade options like correct lens distortion, deshake or denoise your footages and stabilizes shaky videos upto a great extent.
  • You can convert all kinds of DVDs to iPhone-compatible videos
  • Great customization- You can choose desired output formats and can add special effects too. You can also crop a video, delete unwanted segments and rearrange the clips as per your own sequence
  • VideoProc works with absolutely lowest CPU usage and the fastest video processing capability
  • Handles and processes bulk folders, including 4K UHD/8K video footages/folders achieving almost 90% compression ratio in return.

Here is in this YouTube video, you can easily see how to edit and convert MKV to MP4 videos using VideoProc:-


If you want to use stable, fast and professional software for a smooth processing and quality output, VideoProc is the safest and the best bet. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional to have a hang of the 4 editing tool. You can perform your video-editing tasks and various other functions effectively with this feature-rich video editing software which is friendly even to common computers.

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